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  • plant burgers being burgers, Veggie burgers.

  • There's no shortage of companies trying to develop alternatives to meet what about sushi?

  • Specifically tuna made without tuna fish but instead from tomatoes, sesame oil and soy sauce.

  • Some foodies say serious sushi.

  • Sticklers may not spring for it, but several others have.

  • When it comes to seafood, are there mawr than fish in the sea?

  • The human population is growing exponentially.

  • In 1800 they were about a billion people on earth.

  • Today, there's more than seven times that on by 2100.

  • Estimates say there could be nearly 12 billion people around the globe.

  • That rapid growth comes with lots of problems.

  • One of the biggest.

  • Our food supply may not be able to keep up when it comes to seafood.

  • The rising number of consumers mixed with the growing popularity of foods like sushi has led to overfishing.

  • The Pacific bluefin tuna is a sushi staple.

  • Its population has fallen 97%.

  • Demand is only getting higher and higher and higher.

  • And one of the big problems we have today is that we are overfishing tuna, and it's only at 3%.

  • At the height of its stock, That's James Core.

  • Well, he's been a chef for over 30 years, and he's the founder of a company called Ocean Hunger Foods.

  • His solution to the dwindling tuna population.

  • Tomatoes it, stay with me.

  • There's five tastes, so we have.

  • We're familiar with.

  • Sweet, sour, salty, bitter.

  • But there's the fifth taste, called umami, and that refers to savory and sushi in particular.

  • You have soy sauce, you have rice.

  • That's my new mommy.

  • You have seaweed.

  • That's my new mommy.

  • You have the tuna.

  • That's my new mommy.

  • But also that what I knew mommy or tomatoes.

  • The only problem was, is you wouldn't have a great sushi experience if the ah he me taste like tomatoes.

  • So the rial technology that we developed, uh, came from the process on how to remove that tomato flavor.

  • Yeah, keep great texture, but create this kind of neutral platform in which to carry Japanese flavors or Latin American flavors or Mediterranean flavors.

  • So it's basically like the tomato is a vehicle to get those flavors into your mouth.

  • Exactly.

  • Ocean hugger makes plant based alternatives to seafood.

  • The tomato tuna is called a he me.

  • The company is also working on salmon made from carrots and l made from eggplant.

  • Well, now, let's dig in there.

  • Okay?

  • All right.

  • We're gonna dip in a little of the soy sauce.

  • It really does look like tuna.

  • Wow.

  • All right.

  • Yeah, that's really good.

  • Right now, let's go.

  • What's happening?

  • Sushi roll form.

  • Uh, I'm not very good with chopsticks.

  • Hmm.

  • I would totally, totally grab that for lunch.

  • Was opposed to regular e Don't have to work with the mercury e Don't have to worry about.

  • Like you're killing a delicious salt pipe tuna.

  • So I was pleasantly surprised.

  • I mean, it actually tasted good, but if we look even further into the future, there will be less usable land to grow crops like tomatoes and carrots.

  • That's where some scientists thing algae comes in.

  • Yep.

  • Algae like pond scum.

  • It might not sound very appetizing, but algae is actually high in protein, and it can grow where other crops can't.

  • All you need is sunlight, air and water.

  • We're not in dire need of algae based snacks just yet, but one company called nonfood wants to get ahead of the curve.

  • It smells.

  • Their first product is called non Bar And instead of trying to emulate flavors we already know and love, they decided Thio embrace the algae.

  • So I'm gonna try this e smells a little funky.

  • I'm not gonna lie.

  • Mhm e mean, it was gonna take some getting used to.

plant burgers being burgers, Veggie burgers.

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Seafood Made From Plants?

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