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  • as you watch the Cowboys play right now, what is the first thought that goes through your mind?

  • You realize how good Dak Prescott is.

  • I mean that that's what you think of.

  • They are horrendous without him and and look, that offense one of the best offenses and league led the league in offense.

  • When Dak Prescott plays, that's what I think about him.

  • They were down.

  • They In the three games they've played without him, they've scored a total of one touchdown.

  • It came when they were down, 31 23 in a game against the Cardinals with three minutes left, so they've essentially not scored a touchdown.

  • That was meaningful the entire time.

  • Ryan Clark, What are we supposed to say here?

  • I mean, what are we supposed to say today about this game?

  • That you understand that this is too bad teams playing?

  • But one reason why it's bad is because the best player, the best leader, the best person in the entire organization is no longer a part of the team, and the team is falling apart.

  • And that's the Dallas Cowboys.

  • When you look at these two teams, the relationships between their quarterbacks are totally different.

  • The relationship between Carson Wentz in the Philadelphia Eagles is a toxic.

  • A very toxic relationship is like being in a relationship with future.

  • The rapper, right, you think, is gonna go really well for most of the time.

  • But you're going back and forth because you're trying to figure out, Do I love him or do I hate him?

  • That's where Carson Wentz is.

  • That's where he's bringing Dan.

  • Every day.

  • He throws down away, and then he throws the fishing pole out, hooks him again and bring him back in.

  • But he's doing that to the fans, and he's doing that to the organization.

  • But on the other side, you got your life on the other side.

  • You got the one that you need to marry.

  • That's gonna be a ride or die that's gonna show up every single day, and that's gonna make everything about your life better.

  • The Dallas Cowboys are terrible there, abysmal.

  • They're hot trash, straight up, burning garbage.

  • But that Prescott made him interesting every week that Prescott made a team compete.

  • Dak Prescott showed a team that they could be in every game because of who he was as a player and demand.

  • That's not what we see right now between these two teams, and I really don't want to see either one of them play a playoff game the way they're playing now.

  • We do need to talk about once, though, because he does have the moments and he is supposed to be the difference maker in the division.

  • What do you see?

  • He was lucky that they played against Ben DeNucci last night.

  • I mean, that's the truth.

  • And the reality Is this Like I'm It's really, really hard to stand up here and continue to have number eleven's back, and I'll continue to do it.

  • But I'm sick and tired of hearing you in post game press conferences.

  • Go.

  • I just gotta be smarter with the football.

  • No, I know that my eight year old son, who plays five football, knows that like a tsung point, stop saying it in your press conference and just start doing it because the reality is this.

  • You are either smartly play your team into the playoffs or stupidly play your team out of the playoffs, and that it's such a simple concept to grasp and you're talented enough to do it.

  • I will say this watching the football game last night.

  • You guys ever wake up in the middle of night and like watching Infomercial at one o'clock in the morning and you're watching it for now, you know, why am I watching?

  • E felt like watching that game last night.

  • I'm sitting there going.

  • Why am I watching this game off at the end of the But did you order the product?

  • I mean, that's E at some point, maybe you order the knife.

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as you watch the Cowboys play right now, what is the first thought that goes through your mind?

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