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  • Welcome toe watch mojo.

  • And today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 hardest games to make you rage cheat.

  • All right for this list, we're taking a look at difficult games that will infuriate you so much you might resort to cheating.

  • Which games made you so mad that you resorted to cheating?

  • Let us know in the comments below Number 10 Castle, Vania to Simon's Quest.

  • The first castle Vania was hard enough with enemies that caused knocked back and send you falling down pits.

  • But Castle Vania to somehow found a way to make things harder.

  • It wasn't by simply throwing Mawr enemies on the screen, though this time players had to explore the world and go to locations in a particular order.

  • Unfortunately, Castle Vania to doesn't really give you any hints as to where you need to go or how to solve the puzzles.

  • So expecto wander around aimlessly until you finally decided to pull up a walk through.

  • No judgment if you do going number nine Sim City 2000.

  • As basic as they might look at first glance, city management and management games in general are a lot harder than they seem.

  • And this is especially true of Sim City 2000.

  • Part of what makes this title tricky for players is how you need to get the tax rate high enough to fund your projects and low enough to get people to move into your city.

  • Sure, you can spend your time trying to find that sweet spot, or you can use a cheat code that gives you cash instantly.

  • Better be careful if you go the latter route, however, as your chances of facing a disaster will increase upon each use.

  • Number eight Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The NES Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has its moments when it comes to difficult levels, but the most infuriating of all is that damned damn level.

  • Here, you'll have to disarm bombs while navigating around electrified seaweed and currents.

  • Surely there must be a way to bypass these aquatic threats and even skip the level right?

  • Well, kind of it is possible to rig the game where the seaweed is totally harmless.

  • But to do this you would have needed a game genie or some other game hacking device.

  • Earliest example of pay to win.

  • We like to think so.

  • Mhm number seven twisted metal black, mhm as what could arguably be described as the hardest game in the franchise.

  • Twisted metal, Black kick the Ass is of many players with its relentless AI and lethal weaponry.

  • Do we dare mention the torment that was the Minion and Warhawk boss fights?

  • If you really wanted to see every characters ending, you either had to play until you were a freaking master or just press a few buttons and activate God mode.

  • For the record, one of our staff is a massive twisted metal fan, and even he had to resort to this cheat just to save his sanity.

  • Number six Final Fantasy eight Theme One of the annoying things about RPGs is the massive amounts of grinding and XP farming that some of them will force you to sit through.

  • Can't beat this one, boss.

  • That's blocking the progression of the story.

  • Well, get comfy because you've got at least a few hours of grinding to dio.

  • This issue was especially true of Final Fantasy eight to the point that Square Enix thankfully implemented a cheap menu in the re master.

  • If you aren't interested in committing a few hours to doing effortless battles.

  • You can use this cheap menu to save yourself some time by speeding up the game, maxing out your HP or getting full ATV and unlimited limit breaks.

  • If Onley Mawr RPGs did stuff like this.

  • Number five earthworm Jim Earthworm Jim is fondly remembered for its cartoony visuals and goofy yet groovy hero.

  • Something that many seem to forget, however, is just how difficult this two d platformer really waas.

  • Those who do remember probably recall extreme frustration and may have even resorted to a handful of cheat codes to make their time easier.

  • There are cheats for giving yourself extra lives.

  • Extra continues refills on energy and ammo level, skipping level warping and even a debug menu that grants access tome or cheats.

  • Hey, if the going gets tough, take the easy route Number four to rock Dinosaur Hunter.

  • Oh, to Iraq was a tough game by design, but the level of difficulty went beyond the tough AI and unforgiving platform ing know.

  • What made to rock complicated was the weird control scheme for which the Nintendo 64 awkward controller design was at least partially to blame.

  • If you're one of the folks who struggled to grasp the controls, You probably resorted to taking the free scripted will away from the AI.

  • And by that we mean a cheat code.

  • Typing in the code S and f f r r will activate the Games disco mode, rendering enemies defenseless and forcing them to dance.

  • Or, if you really wanted a power fantasy, you trigger the big cheat, which enables invincibility.

  • Unlimited ammo level warps the whole enchilada.

  • Number three battle toads.

  • Mhm Ah yes, the old school classic that has both amused and enraged players around the world.

  • Battle toads has admittedly reached the top spot in a number of our difficult games lists, but thankfully, there is a way to make things easier.

  • If you've died too many times on the speeder bike levels or fallen at the hands of some basic grunt, you can use a cheat code that starts you off with a few extra lives.

  • If you had a game shark or game genie, however, you could simply get infinite lives.

  • No, it didn't make the game a breeze, but at least the game overs were less frequent.

  • Number two Superstar wars.

  • Given the mass appeal of Star Wars, you wouldn't think that this video game would be so punishingly hard.

  • But Super Star Wars is merciless because enemies spawn in at a continuous rate.

  • You progress through levels at a snail's pace.

  • We may not have known these cheats back then, but there are ways to get past those asinine levels.

  • You can give yourself some extra continues, or make it so that you start the level with your light saber.

  • You can even access a nice debug menu, which lets you tamper with stage selection, your health values, which weapon you start with and how many lives you have before we continue.

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  • Number one Contra.

  • We all know why this is on here.

  • Contra is not only one of the hardest games ever made, but it's also the one that popularized the famous Konami code.

  • The Ole up, up, down, down, Left, right, left right B A has saved us a number of times, and in this case it was by giving us 30 extra lives.

  • Trust us in a game as maddening is Contra with bullets flying all over the place, you need all the help you can get.

  • Since this cheat helped us through an infamously tough game, it's been referenced in a handful of other games, as well as movies, music and television in the mood for more awesome gaming content.

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Welcome toe watch mojo.

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Top 10 Hardest Games That Will Make You Rage Cheat

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