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  • Vince.

  • Biggest thoughts after watching Game one of the NBA Finals last night, Waas, It was not a surprise.

  • You know, Keyshawn, I got to say this.

  • I did pick the Miami Heat to win game one, and I thought, Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

  • Now I wouldn't have made the bed.

  • Now that's different.

  • Come on, B C B c.

  • You're supposed to my bet, man, He's going to take care of me.

  • I wish your brother Like I said, I picked up because I felt like, you know, they're running off emotional high and this was their opportunity.

  • We all know Game one is always like the feel out game, you know, just like box in the first round, you fill them out, and then second game.

  • Game two is when the Siri's really start.

  • So I felt Game one was the Miami Heat opportunity to steal because we've seen the Lakers in the past.

  • In round one and two, they fell short and they did not win Game one.

  • So this is your opportunity right here toe to take advantage and and have the upper hand because I felt like if they did not win Game one the Miami Heat It zo ver with for them and you've given this team confidence.

  • And now you've given them three games left toe win and they fell short, obviously injuries.

  • And Keyshawn, you did say something earlier that I agree with its like, Yeah, the injuries happened after it because after the first quarter, it was a different Lakers team and they just handed them all over the place.

  • I think Dwight Howard implement implementing him into the starting lineup, messed up and just just make things difficult for the Miami Heat's off offense and defense, because if he is so big and who you had to move bam to guard him and you put a hybrid player like a J.

  • Crowder, who was a great defensive player, but he just he's just not tall enough to guard.

  • Uh, David.

  • It was crazy to watch the Lakers.

  • They went on 25 to 3 run, and LeBron James is actually on the bench on the branch.

  • In the first quarter VC, they they made a record recording 14 threes last night.

  • They made 11 in the first half, man, they were shooting the ball like that 60% shooting What can you do?

  • What can you do if they shoot the rock like that?

  • Well, here's the thing.

  • If you look at some of these, you know these clips, all right, that's the open shot against the zone.

  • But a lot of these clips, uh, Anthony Davis and or LeBron getting in the paint, getting in the paint and making and demanding the attention that they you know.

  • They deserve the ball and you see it right there.

  • Double team swing, catch it, shoot it.

  • And when you make a few of them, it's over with.

  • And that's what started happening.

  • They start getting to the heart of the defense.

  • There's a double team now you're trying to exile.

  • Find the open shot and these guys were catching and shooting with no hesitation, knocking them down.

  • And once a few started going in, I mean, looking car with Pope.

  • He was catching, shooting right away, three with a with a hand in his face and going in.

  • So what do you do then?

  • V.

  • C when you look at the game, too, right, and you look at Game one.

  • The Lakers, obviously j willing yourself mentioned the 14 threes you most likely won't see the Laker, especially with the injuries to the Heat, have to shoot another 38 threes, 39 threes in a game to try to make you know 14 or 15 of them.

  • What other offensive productivity can the Lakers utilized to get game, too?

  • Well, let's let's let's look at this case on those shots still will be there.

  • So they're going to take him, and now they're feeling comfortable to make him.

  • And if they don't guess what you could do, you post up a D.

  • You post up LeBron at either on the block or mid post and see what happens there.

  • LeBron is going to get into the mid post and find whoever he needs to find, because it's like, Yeah, we know LeBron is gonna get triple doubles.

  • But if Anthony Davis plays like he does 34 points, you know, and just e, he didn't really He's not dominating much of the boards.

  • I mean, he had nine rebounds and five assists, but, you know, three blocks.

  • I mean, if he just dominates getting into the paint and that has to settle, he doesn't settle for the three, but he takes the three when he's open, there's nothing the Miami Heat can do.

  • You can't play zone because they're not big enough to to rebound against this team.

  • The Lakers are we are three games away from Winning are 17 17th title V.

  • C.

  • But LeBron James is also three away from winning, winning his fourth.

  • Where would this title, the fourth title rank and all of them, including, obviously, the one in Cleveland that he went back home to bring Cleveland their championship?

  • What does it rank?

  • I'm not sure what ranks I mean.

  • It just It just says, Hey, LeBron is getting closer because now he has four rings.

  • But there's two other guys in the NBA history.

  • Well, there's There's three, you know.

  • But there's two guys that you know we always compare him to.

  • Still have a few more rings to him as faras legacy.

  • And it's just a tough question, and I e I guess I guess Let me let me stop you before you keep going.

  • I guess I should have preference it with because of everything that's going on.

  • The pandemic, the Kobe Bryant passing, the in, just every just everything that's going on in his world within the Laker organization.

  • I guess that is more so what I was asking you.

  • I think it za special.

  • It's not an Asterix.

  • Let's just start there.

  • It's not actually because you you you gotta think about this.

  • Think about how hard it is for these guys to stay focused for 34 months and and and come out victorious and and be the best one because you're asking a lot from these guys.

  • And I think winning this championship more so than anything because of, like you said 2020 the passing of Kobe Bryant.

  • And they've made it clear of how important this this this, uh, this season being in the bubble in this championship will be, I think, more than anything is gonna be an emotional victory and and and winning the championship because of all that.

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Vince Carter reacts to Game 1 of Lakers vs. Heat in the 2020 NBA Finals | KJZ

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