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  • Chris Kahn, Reuters pulling editor.

  • There's still a lot to go tonight.

  • Ah, lot of states have not been called yet.

  • We are seeing in the state of Florida.

  • It's very, very close between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

  • Now we know from the way that the state collects its mail in ballots and what we've seen in pre election polls that Democrats were gonna be counted early.

  • Uh, much more Republican leading part of the electorate was unaccounted late.

  • So I got to say, it doesn't look that great for Joe Biden right now, although I must say State has not been called yet.

  • It's very, very close.

  • We are also seeing some broad trends in the electorate stuff that we were expecting to see.

  • Um, but we're seeing it really play out in real time in some of the key battleground states we're seeing, For example, in Georgia, Trump is getting about seven out of 10 among all whites.

  • Uh, that's down from about eight out of 10 4 years ago.

  • He's also getting about five out of town 10 whites with a college degree, uh, in Georgia.

  • That's down from about seven out of 10 4 years ago.

  • So he's still doing, you know, getting the majority of these groups, but just not as well as he did four years ago.

  • 11 positive sign for Trump is in Florida if you're looking right now, Trump is doing much better in some of these larger counties within Florida, like Miami Dade than he did four years ago.

  • And one of those reasons is he's seeing much more strength among the Latino population within Florida, Trump is getting about five out of 10 among Latinos in Florida.

  • He's basically splitting the Latino vote with Joe Biden.

  • That's much better than he did in 2016.

Chris Kahn, Reuters pulling editor.

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