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  • Here's how to zoom in Minecraft on PC.

  • With no mods, your ability to zoom in Minecraft is limited to the FOV setting, which changes how wide or narrow your character's point of view is.

  • In the pause menu, click "Options" and you'll see the FOV slider on top.

  • By default, it will be set to normal, which is numerically set to 70.

  • By bringing the FOV to 30, your point of view will become much narrower and zoomed in, letting you see further but with minimal peripheral view.

  • You can see the opposite effect by widening the FOV to a higher number, which lets you see much more to your left and right but makes the distant objects feel even further.

  • For a more streamlined ability to zoom in-game, you'll need to download a mod.

  • For Java edition, the mod OptiFine is hosted on, where you can find the latest release under "Downloads."

  • Make sure you download a version that matches your Minecraft version.

  • If you don't have it already, you may need to install Java SE to open the mod.

  • Go to the download page on the Oracle site to grab the latest version and install it on your computer.

  • With Java installed, go to your OptiFine file and open with Java.

  • The installer will walk you through a few simple prompts.

  • Once finished, you'll be prompted to click "OK," which will install OptiFine as a module in the game.

  • Start the Minecraft launcher, and on the bottom left, confirm OptiFine appears or is selected where it says latest release.

  • Now in-game, you can confirm your zoom mod is installed by pressing and holding the C key to zoom in and out with a simple press.

  • If you'd like to change that hotkey, navigate in the game menu to "Options," "Controls," then scroll to the bottom to the miscellaneous section.

  • Here, you'll find an entry for zoom.

  • From here, you can select whichever key you prefer to utilize the OptiFine functionality in-game.

  • If you're running Bedrock, your mod options are smaller.

  • A recent release called Windows 10 FOV Changer on GitHub will do the trick.

  • Scroll down on the page to click the direct-download link and open the zip file.

  • Once unpacked, you may get an error opening the FOV Changer application.

  • This is because it only works if Minecraft Bedrock is already launched.

  • With Bedrock open, relaunch the FOV Changer app.

  • On the left, you should see a start button, and clicking that will produce a series of green check marks to confirm it's running.

  • With your Minecraft world loaded, pressing the V key by default will activate the FOV Changer function.

  • To change that hotkey, go into the FOV Changer application and adjust the button under "Features."

Here's how to zoom in Minecraft on PC.

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