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  • Hi Gang! This is a piezoelectric speaker I got from a microwave oven and modified for use with

  • my crystal radio. People often ask me where to get crystal earpieces for listening

  • to their crystal radios. Well, this is probably the cheapest source. Microwave

  • ovens are a treasure trove of parts to detect the cover often in this section

  • right here beside performed all sorts of things

  • right over here we're interested in right now

  • that blacks the right there which contains appears all occurred crystal

  • speaker

  • uh...

  • and

  • and

  • and there you can see the speaker and what's the crystal right there disk

  • headed back to this whole aboard

  • orchestra governable peter halpern on the two thousand revolt scale

  • so basically two volts

  • look up one and the alligator clips to uh...

  • one of the meter pro-ltte see other order to cure the meter probes and then

  • i'll connect them to the crystal

  • doesn't matter which way you connect things in this case

  • and adult at the crystal

  • right til seven hundred sixty eight million votes

  • to run in ninety one middle so it's going to twenty bolt scale

  • thus i move very

  • this meters and on the d_c_ volts uh... scale it's not very good at picking up

  • the spikes so time to see part of what's going on but you can get me to help

  • something's going on

  • so it works

  • okay so just write and works graceful share what i did

  • i think one alligator clips neck to the output of the diode

  • together and to enter into the crystal

  • kicked another alligator clip to ground

  • computer and to the other hand the crystal

  • what's catalyst in here

  • headshot

  • operan them speak your mind the microphones the camera you may not here

  • they're looking for that but

  • but i need to do is put it you back here to help direct the sound

  • the end is also expose someone it may be a solid uh... piece of plastic there

  • michael too

  • case again old can right here and i'm just gonna cut off

  • last night and all records manager stop

  • right

  • xd

  • and they're not quite correct

  • greater over that whole centered over that wall

  • the case

  • clear cut a piece of her plastic kinda get hobby shops

  • use whatever you have a states want something prior so they can capture of

  • the uh... salad energy in the back here to get inside

  • subscribe to that their

  • refers to better might here have some rubbing alcohol here

  • thomas sanitize the

  • end of this is that

  • there you go there is the end result

  • i was turned into something

  • gearing up loud and clear up perimeter microphones if we can hear too

  • first-grade

  • well thanks for watching chica bonita channel rims our work from our videos

  • like this

  • that was one of step-by-step instructions for making a crystal radio

  • you start your mother training tips and tricks rehearsal radios including more

  • of your pieces and for friday one power calculator using solar panel

  • made out of transistors thanks user mariel magpie was very pronounced that

  • correctly presidio response one of my videos pointing out that these crystals

  • are available of microwave ovens antarctic subscriber she liked his

  • videos or give a thumbs-up lead a question or comment below

  • see you soon

Hi Gang! This is a piezoelectric speaker I got from a microwave oven and modified for use with

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Make Crystal Earphone/Earpiece for Crystal Radio - Homemade

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