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  • toe peg er, the first one in the family to go to a fancy shmancy school.

  • Honey, what's going on?

  • We can't pay for this.

  • What?

  • We'll get a scholarship or loans or something.

  • If we took out loans for all four years, it would be 70 grand in interest.

  • Just an interest.

  • I don't know about all that.

  • I never had a kid go to college before.

  • No, honey, don't take him a good capital.

  • Um, are like peas in my casserole.

  • Jad were here.

  • He'd find a way to get money.

  • That's true.

  • He always had a hustle.

  • I remember one year he took me to the Bills game for my birthday, but then we got there.

  • He scalped the ticks.

  • Yeah, I was so pissed.

  • I was the one that brought them ticks.

  • Where'd you meet that graphic E?

  • A squat girl.

  • Too much eyeliner.

  • So the best seats ever is she?

  • You okay, lady?

  • Huh?

  • You okay?

  • Oh, so sweet.

  • Yeah, I'm all right.

  • I just I think my friend Flake, I'm not really sure Why?

  • Because these are the best seats ever.

  • 50 yard line seven.

  • Rose up.

  • Yeah, 50 yard line.

  • I'll take you will ensure that.

  • Yeah.

  • Just give me that.

  • No, You look.

  • Get in that way.

  • No, you look amazing.

  • God bless the Bills.

  • You know, you guys are just bad.

  • Oh, my God.

  • I just found two tickets on the floor.

  • You tickets?

  • Tickets, two tickets.

  • You need a ticket?

  • You later.

  • Alright, okay.

  • 200.

  • 200.

  • You know what?

  • I just can't do that.

  • Tim said your name's Tim.

  • You just gotta trust me here.

  • I wouldn't screw you over.

  • I'm a Bills fan.

  • Okay, Sure.

  • I counterfeited Bill sticks, but it was for a bigger cause.

  • Higher education.

  • Higher education is the key to financial freedom, ma'am.

  • Ah, your scam is desecrating the sacred ground of our Buffalo Bills.

  • No, it's not.

  • Yeah, yeah.

toe peg er, the first one in the family to go to a fancy shmancy school.

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