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  • 60,000.

  • The reality is it's about 60,000 votes that air out right now, and we're working with the county's to make sure that they have properly put their stuff into their system and uploaded fast is great way.

  • Appreciate fast way mawr Appreciate accuracy.

  • Accuracy is gonna be the bedrock upon which people will believe the outcomes of these elections be there on the winning side or the losing side.

  • So accuracy is vital, and it's the key to all of our processes way have paper ballots.

  • So there's gonna be a record of what has occurred here.

  • Has any questions.

  • You can always go back to do an audit and recount.

  • In many places, everything is open to the public.

  • We're poll watchers into these places in places like Fulton County, the state's place to monitor Andre.

  • Had investigators got as many questions about how these battles are being handled and move forward.

  • These 159 elections directors and employees who are here to the job of protecting democracy.

  • When you go to talk to them, they think about that.

  • They think about the votes of every person in this room and around the country these people are not involved in voter fraud.

  • Thes people are not involved in voter suppression.

  • I'm telling you, they're doing their jobs every day.

  • It is hard, and we thankful to them for it.

  • We're gonna work with him to make sure that every legal, lawful ballot is counted.

  • End of day today, e am prayerful that we could get to a resolution by the end of the day.

  • But as has been pointed out that everybody, this is going to be an extremely close margin, especially the presidential election.

  • And we anticipate every one of those you LaCava curable ballots and provisionals may come into account and that so having a final one, it may take a minute, Stephen.


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60k votes left to be counted -Georgia official

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/05
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