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  • All right, let's shift gears to some of the all time greats.

  • Our pal Shock posted to Instagram and all time starting five that features Allen Iverson, LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and, of course, himself, Shaquille O'Neal.

  • Shock Caption this with the Post quote.

  • I don't care what none of y'all are saying.

  • Ain't nobody beat this team in a seven game Siri's.

  • So here in the jump, we put together a potential starting five that we feel could compete.

  • It consists of Magic Johnson, Steph Curry, K D, Tim Duncan and Akeem Elijah on.

  • And maybe you could flip input and Kareem, to be honest in there as well.

  • So perk.

  • You taking shack starting five or the field.

  • I'm taking shock, starting five not only in a seven game series, but to sweep the playoffs.

  • Listen, you have four of the top four players in that starting five that a top 10 players all time.

  • Shaquille O near the most dominant Kobe Bryant, the most skilled in my eyes.

  • And then you have a goat conversation between LeBron James and Michael Jordan, all those guys on one team, they sweeping through the playoffs.

  • Forget just winning the seven game series.

  • Four.

  • Foa, Foa, Foa.

  • I have Thio.

  • I have to give shock credit.

  • Um, he created a super team centered around the two greatest players of all time and then tweeted like No one's gonna die with us.

  • I don't care who's doubting us.

  • This team's gonna roll.

  • E I don't care what it was like shock.

  • You picked the two greatest players of all time.

  • Your team's awesome.

  • I don't think it was gonna fight with you about this one.

  • Does anyone?

  • You give our team any chance, Zack, There's better passing on.

  • Of course you got.

  • You got more shooting like, of course, that team.

  • If they played 25 times or whatever, that team's gonna knock some W is.

  • I mean, the talent is unquestionable.

  • Like you said, you could throw Korean Will.

  • Larry Bird didn't make it.

  • Oscar.

  • Jerry West.

  • We got a ton of great players to choose from, but yeah, I mean, you got Michael and LeBron.

  • It's gonna be a tough sledding.

  • Yeah, for sure.

  • Park, are you worried about the passing on shacks team at all r the shooting?

  • No, not not Worry about it all.

  • No, because I got too many scores.

  • I got Jordan.

  • It could go.

  • Give me 30.

  • Okay, I got a I that could give me 30.

  • I got Kobe Bryant that Give me 30.

  • Broke.

  • I got too much going on toe.

  • Worry about shooting, George.

  • Okay, fair enough.

  • All right, we're done here.

  • Then you know what?

  • Shock?

  • Maybe maybe I'm gonna go on the instagram right now and try to create a team.

  • Hit me up on instagram on Twitter.

  • I'm gonna try to compete with Shacks team, and I'm gonna tag park exact low on this stuff to We're gonna try to find a team that works.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.

All right, let's shift gears to some of the all time greats.

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Shaq created a dream NBA starting five and claimed it's unbeatable | The Jump

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