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  • to be fair.

  • Election Day, for the most part, went pretty smoothly in Los Angeles and a lot of big cities.

  • Business is bordered up their stores in anticipation of possible protests and looting stores like Pottery Barn and Tiffany in Beverly Hills.

  • But you know what?

  • I was surprised to see how many smaller businesses assumed people would want to steal from their stores.

  • A lot of these places, I don't think, needed to worry.

  • For example, this pet food store tales and Scales probably did not need to board up the bassoon center in Detroit.

  • Probably overestimated its popularity Honeys Honey and Hummels, North America's only honey and humble store.

  • I think they were just well, they're being cocky to board up.

  • The owner of Reno, Nevada is S a T work bookstore, probably just being paranoid.

  • The laserdisc and VHS emporium in Phoenix, Arizona.

  • Yeah, probably unnecessary caution.

  • Why would a one attack dogs training center think anyone was going to break in?

  • Look at this one.

  • This store selling merch for the nineties hit sitcom coach during Craig T.

  • Nelson boarded up No, not necessary.

  • The iPhone case Bedazzler at the Glendale Galleria.

  • Come on.

  • And finally, even on Hollywood Boulevard, the people dressed as Elmo's thought they would be looted.

to be fair.

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Businesses That Didn't Need To Board Up Their Windows - CONAN on TBS

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