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  • Hello! This is The English We Speak,

  • I'm Feifei...

  • ...and I'm Rob.

  • We may sound a little different. That's

  • because we are not able to record

  • in our normal studios

  • during the coronavirus outbreak.

  • This programme comes with

  • a safety warning! It involves bullets

  • - well, not real ones. That would be

  • dangerous. Toy bullets ... just

  • to illustrate the point.

  • Bullets! What English expression

  • mentions bullets?!

  • I will explain - and, Rob, you can help.

  • Here is a toy bullet...

  • Where did you get that from?!

  • Don't ask. Now, Rob, would you put it

  • between your teeth please?

  • What? Are you crazy?!

  • Please, Rob. It would really

  • help our audience.

  • OK, Feifei! Here goes... Right, I am

  • biting the bullet.

  • So, Rob, you are being brave and

  • forcing yourself to do something

  • unpleasant, but necessary.

  • I didn't force myself, you told me to do it!

  • Sorry, Rob, I can't understand you - but

  • when someone 'bites the bullet',

  • they are forced

  • to do, or accept that they have to do

  • something difficult or unpleasant.

  • Let's hear some examples

  • of other people who have

  • to bite the bullet...

  • I have a pile of work to finish, so I'm going

  • to have to work all night - I guess I'll have

  • to bite the bullet.

  • If I'm going get fit, I'll have to bite the

  • bullet and start going to the gym. Urghh!

  • If you want to start dating Jitka you're

  • going to have to bite the bullet

  • and ask her out!

  • This is The English We Speak from BBC

  • Learning English, and we're

  • talking about the expression

  • 'to bite the bullet'. It describes having

  • to do something unpleasant

  • or difficult, but

  • necessary.

  • So, can I stop biting a bullet now, please?

  • Not yet, Rob. What you are

  • doing is 'necessary'.

  • Yes, but it's not easy speaking with

  • a bullet in your mouth.

  • Exactly! Peace and quiet. But careful, Rob.

  • Don't swallow it - otherwise things could

  • get very unpleasant.

  • Thanks for the advice, Feifei... ooops.

  • Bye, Rob.

  • Bye.

Hello! This is The English We Speak,

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What does 'bite the bullet' mean? Listen to The English We Speak

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