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  • When somebody sends you an email

  • There are a few different things that you can do in addition to reading the email

  • you may want to reply to it or forward it to someone else or

  • Snooze the email and temporarily hide it until you need it or maybe the email has an attachment that you want to view or download

  • Let's start by looking at our inbox

  • for each message

  • you'll be able to see the sender the subject and maybe a little bit of the body of the message and

  • also the date that it was sent if

  • The message is unread then the text will be bold and the background will be a different color

  • So these are the messages that I have not read yet

  • And these are the ones that I have read if I hover over an email a few options appear on the right I can

  • quickly archive or delete the email mark it as read or

  • Snooze the email which temporarily removes it from your inbox for a set amount of time

  • I'm going to click on this message so I can read it

  • You can read the message here and you can click the drop down arrow if you want to see more

  • information about who sent the message and who the recipients are

  • After you read the message, you can go back to your inbox or click one of these arrows to view a different message

  • For really important messages. You may want to add a star by clicking here. This will help you find the message later on if

  • you want to quickly respond to a message you can use the smart reply options here or you can click reply and

  • respond to just the sender or you can click reply to all which will include all of the original recipients you

  • Can also forward the message to someone else in this case, I want to reply to all so that everybody stays in the loop

  • Then you can type your message

  • You'll notice that the original message is quoted here

  • most of the time it's a good idea to leave it in because it helps to remind the person which message you're replying to and

  • When you're done you can click send

  • Now if you're emailing back and forth with someone Gmail will group those messages into a

  • conversation and in your inbox there will be a number that shows how many messages there are in that conversation if

  • You want to expand a specific message? You can just click on it and

  • Then you can click in this area again to minimize it

  • Conversations keep your inbox from getting too cluttered with lots of separate messages

  • And it's also just nice to be able to see the whole conversation at once

  • Sometimes you may receive an email that has an attachment in this case

  • The attachment is a PDF

  • I can download it or save it to Google Drive, but with some file types

  • You'll only have the download option. I can also click it to see a preview now

  • You should be careful when opening attachments. Some files may contain viruses

  • so if you don't know why someone is sending you an attachment or if it just looks suspicious it's best not to open it if

  • You use Gmail at work?

  • You may sometimes need to set up a vacation reply which will automatically respond to emails when you're away

  • You can do this by going to your settings

  • Scroll down until you see vacation responder

  • And then you can type a message

  • When somebody sends you an email

  • This message will automatically be sent to them to let them know that you are unable to answer emails

  • you may want to include a phone number where you can be reached or

  • The name and email address of somebody else that they can contact while you're away

  • Also, you may want to only send a response to people in your contacts to avoid giving your whereabouts and contact info to complete strangers

  • When you're done click Save Changes

  • When your vacation reply is active

  • You'll see this bar at the top of the screen and you can just click end now to turn off the vacation reply

  • So those are some of the ways that you can respond to emails using Gmail

  • GCF global creating opportunities for a better life

When somebody sends you an email

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Gmail: Responding to Email

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