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  • Lakers fans, the Lakers have earned their loyalty and their patients, even though the standards of sky high cowboys haven't done that.

  • Cowboys haven't been really relevant in a big way in the playoffs in a quarter century.

  • They haven't done that.

  • The Patriots have bought and earned your loyalty and patience in New England.

  • Let's see how this shakes out, right?

  • The Dallas Cowboys haven't done that.

  • They don't get a pass.

  • They were eight and eight last year with Jack and Byron Jones and Robert Quinn in a division.

  • They should have run away with it.

  • They missed the playoffs.

  • No pass for the Dallas Cowboys.

  • I 100% agree with you, Max.

  • And and listen, this is no one on this staff.

  • Get to pass.

  • Obviously, we know that there was in the off season.

  • The most catastrophic thing for this team is the offensive line.

  • I know what Jack was doing, and Dak was good behind that offensive line.

  • He was good when when they were all healthy, he was good when they weren't.

  • But losing those guys is the biggest impact because at least with them, you could say, Well, we'll hand the ball off.

  • Now you got Zeke fumbling like the same mistakes are being made weekend and week out, and I'm strictly talking about the coaching staff.

  • Diggs eyes is still in the backfield and people are running passing.

  • They still have safeties that can't get over the top and stop people from catching touchdowns and going over the top.

  • I didn't get Philia past when their whole team was hurt last year, and they beat the Cowboys to get in the playoffs.

  • They don't deserve a past, but But if we with this conversation, he goes, where do you lay the blame?

  • The blame is in.

  • Jerry Jones is lap.

  • It's in the lap of the people that are making personnel decisions.

  • It's in the lap of the people that allowed Mike Nolan to get hired.

  • Its's all of that.

  • When you think about where this team is, they look un prepared.

  • It doesn't matter if you have a third string quarterback, you're not going to be a good as having your starting quarterback but look prepared.

  • Look like you have a plan of action to give yourself a chance.

  • I just heard you guys talking about Joe Judge and how this team is continuing to improve.

  • They don't have all of their weapons that dispose of their best player is sitting on the sidelines with the A C L tourney and in sake, want you look at Philly.

  • They haven't had their weapons offensively this year.

  • It's a war of attrition in this league.

  • You're gonna lose games when you don't have the talent, let alone when you suffer injuries.

  • I look at this Dallas Cowboys team and you could justify saying Okay, this team can't be good or they won't have a chance to win because they have significant injuries and the most important player is injured.

  • They lost for the season, but being unprepared, still making the same type of missed aches and the same type of errors.

  • Still not being in the right gaps on defense when you can at least put a body there to try to get things stop.

  • I don't forgive that that's football.

  • Football is a part of being able to sustain at least some level of ability to perform, even though you lose guys.

  • That happens that every team San Francisco, 49 has been decimated.

  • We've seen them win games and looked like they had opportunities to be in games without Jimmy Garoppolo.

  • Without Kittel, without Bosa, without Solomon Thomas, their best to defensive lineman like there is no excuse for what we're seeing from the Dallas Cowboys.

  • If anybody deserves blame based in this idea that they get a pass, it's the people that have made personnel decisions.

  • And then you switch to a defense where you don't even have the personnel to carry that defense out.

  • We've been seeing that I won't get too far into the weeds of exes and those.

  • But Rob Marinelli has a defensive unit and these guys to play upfield attacking type football.

  • They've totally changed the system.

  • They don't have the guys to play in that system.

  • And now you got a coach in Mike McCarthy and the coaching Mike Nolan that it's sitting here telling us we're headed in the right direction.

  • No, the hell you not.

  • You ain't headed in the right direction because you still making the same mistakes that you were even making When Dak was playing with turnovers and offense, looking real vanilla and not being able to figure out things that you need to figure out defensively as the season went alone.

  • Man this Well, this is a This is a conversation that is not even worth talking about.

  • No one deserves the past in the Dallas Cowboys organization right now.

  • They had the best offensive line in football continuously for years, and they didn't do anything with it.

  • Now the line is gone and things were harder.

  • That's true.

  • But they didn't do anything when the line was there.

  • They get no pass, no issue.

  • The only issue that I have the only issue that I have with your soliloquy or your diatribe Marcus Spears, is the fact that a you didn't agree with Max.

  • You agreed with me because I'm the one that mentioned Rod Marinelli shot on number two and more importantly, one or two or more importantly, with me looking this fly as I look today and stuff, I think I think that it was just you hating and trying to take attention away from me.

  • You understand that?

  • Give it to Max.

  • I'm just saying, I'm just saying, you know, there comes a moment where you divert to a brother.

  • I'm just saying that you got to defer to a brother that's what you're supposed to dio.

  • You understand?

  • That's all I'm trying to say.

  • It's all right, though.

  • What color?

  • What color is the suit?

  • I don't have enough money to know what color zio what is like.

  • It's like it's like a light.

  • It's like a light lab in the kind of color that kind of, you know, I'm saying ultraviolet spectral somewhere.

  • You feel it, you feel it.

  • You feel it.

  • Really?

  • Yeah, for some reason, you know.

  • So I'm just saying, Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content, subscribe to ESPN, plus.

Lakers fans, the Lakers have earned their loyalty and their patients, even though the standards of sky high cowboys haven't done that.

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There is no excuse for the Cowboys! - Marcus Spears takes his former team to task | First Take

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