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  • Well, thank you very much.

  • There's never been anything like it to support our incredible movement.

  • I want to thank the American people for their tremendous support.

  • Millions and millions of people voted for us.

  • And Avery, sad group of people is trying to disenfranchise that group of people.

  • And we won't stand for E.

  • Thank you.

  • First lady, my entire family on Vice President Pence.

  • Mrs.

  • Pence, for being all through this on, we were getting ready for a big celebration way.

  • We're winning everything.

  • And all of a sudden it was just all off.

  • The results tonight have been phenomenal, and we are getting ready.

  • I mean, literally.

  • We were just all set.

  • Get outside and just celebrate something that was so beautiful, so good.

  • Uh, such a vote.

  • Such a success.

  • The citizens of this country have come out in record numbers.

  • This is a record.

  • There's never been anything like it to support our incredible movement.

  • We won states that we weren't expected to win Florida.

  • We didn't win it.

  • We wanted by a lot.

  • Oh, you want the great state of our way?

  • One Texas, everyone Texas by 700 0 votes and they don't even included in the tabulations.

  • It's also clear that we have one Georgia.

  • We're up by 2.5% or 117,000 votes with only 7% left significant catches they can't catch.

  • Likewise, we've clearly one.

  • North Carolina were up 1.4%.

  • We're 77,000 votes with only approximately 5% left.

  • They can't catch us.

  • We also, if you look and you see Arizona, we have Ah lot of life in that.

  • And somebody said somebody declared that it was a victory and maybe it will be.

  • I mean, that's possible.

  • But certainly there were Ah lot of votes out there that we could get because we're now just coming into what they call Trump territory.

  • I don't know what you call it, but these were friendly Trump out and that could be overturned.

  • The gentleman that call that I watched tonight, he said, Well, we think it's fairly unlikely that he could catch, well, fairly unlikely and we don't even need it.

  • We don't need that.

  • That was just the state that if we would have got it, would have been nice.

  • Arizona.

  • But there's a possibility, maybe even a good possibility.

  • In fact, since I saw that originally has been changed in, the numbers have substantially come down just in a small amount of votes.

  • So way want that obviously to stay in play.

  • But most importantly, we're winning Pennsylvania by a tremendous Ah, yeah.

Well, thank you very much.

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President Trump's election night speech

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/04
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