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  • That's a person who does not usually say practically anything.

  • What should we take away from the fact that he was that blunt in his assessment of why his team where it is right now?

  • I think it was just being candid and transparent and obviously some frustration after a close loss on the road and greeny.

  • I know I'm in the minority here, especially with our good friend Rex Ryan, but I don't think it's over for the Patriots.

  • They've had the second hardest schedule in the NFL, and they were 12 yards away from beating Buffalo in Buffalo.

  • No Edelman and No Gilmore.

  • So I think what you heard from coach Belichick was he was probably exhausted, frustrated and being a little bit more transparent.

  • But there's seven teams that make the playoffs creamy.

  • I wouldn't rule out the Patriots yet talking about making a second half run.

  • I heard you on the radio this morning talking about that, and it's an interesting concept.

  • Not only do seven teams make the playoffs this year, there's even some reporting that this year it could be eight, depending on how things play out.

  • So swag you.

  • I will ask you to the Patriots look like a team that could make a second half run?

  • No, no, I don't think they have the quarterback on this roster.

  • G.

  • Listen, I I like what Cam did against Buffalo, but we've seen these performances go up and down, and it's gonna take a level of consistency above average in order for this team to make the playoffs cam early in this season, what did we talk about?

  • They ran him 15 times.

  • Could they continue that throughout the season?

  • They They also threw the ball well against the Seattle Seahawks.

  • We was like with this camp because we've always talked about their weapons not being there on the outside.

  • But we thought the athleticism we thought cams, ability to stretch plays and all of the things that he could add to an offense that was devoid of talent would would put them in position to win.

  • I had him winning the division when the season started.

  • Earlier.

  • This was a team playing with four desperation against the Buffalo Bills, who haven't been playing well either, and they couldn't get that win and we see Miami starting to send defensively.

  • We looked at the performance they had against the Rams.

  • And you say, Why can't they duplicate that against the Patriots the next time they play against them?

  • I just believe this team has done.

  • They don't have the personnel and also 66 opt outs on defense as well, which is a which is making a huge difference at this point of the season.

  • Mike Tannenbaum, where you just heard Dan Graziano say that our reporting is that Belichick is telling people if they want Stephon Gilmore, they're gonna need a number one and a player.

  • What does that tell you about his mind set and what we should expect from that team on this deadline day?

  • I don't think that happens, because the third element to that and we saw Diana Rossini's tweet about this a massive contract extension as well, because he only has one more year to go on his contract.

  • So a team would have to get the one a really good player and over $20 million a year next year.

  • Greeny when we know the caps gonna go down.

  • So when you put a price tag that high on a player, I think they're going to stay pat barring something really unforeseen here, so we'll see how it plays out.

  • But I expect Gilmore to be a patriot after four o'clock today.

  • Yeah, again, they did play that game under extraordinary circumstances that that can't be debated.

  • No Edelman and no Stefan Gilmore and all the players have already been missing, and you mentioned they've had the hardest schedule so far.

  • That will be interesting to watch.

  • And, again.

  • Fascinating.

  • Mike, You say that Belichick was candid and transparent, which I would say having covered him his entire career, are not two words you usually use to describe him.

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That's a person who does not usually say practically anything.

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It isn't over for the Patriots - Mike Tannenbaum on New England's 2-5 start | Get Up

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