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  • Which one of these is impossible?

  • Uh damn.

  • Honestly, e cannot tell.

  • That's not really good.

  • We've used garlic, onion powder, salt and pepper.

  • Oh, I'm gonna shape thes this'll real meat into Patties.

  • I don't really know what I'm doing.

  • Some kind of just shaping it into a disc.

  • The impossible meet feels kind of like e don't know, like chunky, a little bit more grainy.

  • I'm hoping that the texture ends up feeling better once we shape it into Patties.

  • Law school meat is super sustainable.

  • It uses 96% less land, 87% less water and create 89% less emissions than how a little bit of lettuce and voila!

  • I'm Halle.

  • I'm a producer at BuzzFeed, and I've been trying to eat less meat.

  • Recently.

  • I wanted to share some of these plant based recipes with my friends who do eat me and see if it's something that they could tell was not really me and whether it was something that they would be interested in trying again in the future.

  • Right?

  • I'm gonna start with this one here on the left.

  • I'm gonna make a guess right now.

  • I didn't say that This is really stuff like, if you look at that color, you know, I'm really not sure, but I think this is the impossible woman.

  • I kind of looked at the shape of the Patty, but I still got that really nice color on the inside of a crust on the outside.

  • This one is definitely a little bigger, but they both look just as tasty.

  • This one just had some juices Fault.

  • Both of them have some juice is falling out.

  • You don't have to like it.

  • E do like it.

  • I like it.

  • But to be honest, this looked better.

  • And I would eat it if someone handed it to me.

  • But just red meat is just Sorry, e Sorry Planet.

  • These burgers are well done exactly the way that Lindsay likes them because she's a freak right out the back.

  • I do think this one is the plant based one e there, like so Well done.

  • I don't even know.

  • E Think I do prefer Theo?

  • Impossible burger.

  • I don't love like flavoring to begin with.

  • Like that Extra bloody fatty flavor.

  • I'm not a huge family.

  • A little too much little too much California.

  • Yeah, a little too much cow for me.

  • It's those things that really good he puts in front of me.

  • I will eat that whole thing and I will eat this whole thing.

  • E gotta go with classic beef burger.

  • Just a little more juicy, actually.

  • Think I like the one that I think is plant based.

  • I think I like this one better.

  • I think this one holds more flavor, and I think it's the plant based one night.

  • Wrong.

  • You're right, Liz.

  • What did you just say?

  • So I have to admit that my opinion change after I had to sit with it for a while because I have, like, stomach problems.

  • And I just felt like the meatless one went down way better than usual.

  • Meat goes down in my stomach, so All right.

  • I'm not paying her to say that.

  • I promise.

  • I actually wanna go back to this delicious plan pays.

  • Wanna hook?

  • Wow.

  • This is our meat loving friend.

  • You like it?

  • Spoiler alert.

  • This is the plant based 10 good.

  • I'm so glad you like it.

  • Probably Nutty E.

  • It's like a burger, but also elevated.

  • Elevated.

  • Would you would you make these again at home?

  • Well, yes, E 100%.

  • You don't have to go full vegan.

  • It's okay.

  • I'm not vegan.

  • I still love cheese and dairy.

  • And, like, I haven't yet transition to veganism.

  • But that's okay.

  • Like just cutting back is a huge help for the environment.

  • Yeah, Mhm.

Which one of these is impossible?

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