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  • stop is in my life.

  • Will.

  • What's going on?

  • It looks like the dam would break.

  • Look, Stephens Bill could be washed away.

  • But don't worry.

  • The first responders are on the same, huh?

  • They always are looking goatee.

  • Oh, I wanted to be a hero.

  • Like the first responders.

  • I'm no hero.

  • Screamers.

  • Grab the stick.

  • Squib!

  • Grab, snatch!

  • Hold on square Lawless!

  • Oh, no Branch won't hold And there's a waterfall.

  • It's all my fault.

  • Robot race at a pet needs rescuing.

  • I never been happier.

  • They hear that jingle or see you guys in my a dire toy life.

  • It's scribbles way Gotta save him.

  • Maybe way can hold on to each other and form a chain.

  • A brilliant way could stretch far out into the river.

  • Don't you think we should parachute in and grab him?

  • Or do a daring underwater rescue?

  • Or we'll go with your idea, which is a pretty good one.

  • Okay, stuffy.

  • You go in front so you can grab swivels.

  • Hurry.

  • You can't.

  • Not much longer.

  • We're so close.

  • Just a little more.

  • Hope keeps stretching, dies.

  • Let's stretch.

  • Likely never stretch.

  • Just that little farther squid balls.

  • Logan, can you lend out my mom like sprinkled.

  • Well, e, I love you so much.

  • Squiggles.

  • E was so scared I was gonna lose you.

  • Sweet chocolate chip mint for you.

  • Great out there.

  • Stuffy.

  • Thanks, Logan.

  • You were awesome, too.

  • I was wrong about you not being a real rescue vehicle.

  • I was wrong about a lot of things, e guess I wanted our team to be like the first responders so badly, but I didn't see what amazing pet rescuers you already are.

  • So does that mean you'll come back to the team if you let me After?

  • I didn't listen and kept messing things up.

  • Of course we want you bad.

  • Like Logan would say.

  • Yeah, the cherry on top.

  • It's true.

  • E would see that group cutter.

  • Yeah.

  • The best court.

  • Yeah, the dog is in and she'll fix you up.

  • If you're a toy, then you're in luck.

  • It's okay.

stop is in my life.

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Go Pet Rescue Team! | Doc McStuffins | Disney Junior

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