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  • What do you mean?

  • Nobody has voted yet?

  • Really broke.

  • You don't wanna see this year, Mayor Brown with the falsehood of an illegitimate child, which is a report you just read stated is actually the man's dear niece.

  • Has Hastings campaign apologized.

  • I know they haven't, and it's too late for that.

  • Iran continues to focus on the issues.

  • And quite frankly, Brooke, the media, those Ameren apology as well for credulous Lee covering a poorly sourced story.

  • Congratulations.

  • Well done.

  • The fuck are you doing?

  • A new low.

  • Oh, yeah.

  • Like I leaked a cocked up story about a bastard child who happens to be the man to fucking these.

  • You fed me that bullshit.

  • Go fuck yourself.

  • You go fuck yourself.

  • Okay, you two.

  • Unfortunately, we have to leave it there.

  • Thank you so much.

  • Book.

  • Thank you so much.

  • Thank you.

  • Were clear.

  • Why would I make this to just make me take the bait?

  • You didn't just wanna win.

  • You wanted to castrate me, didn't you?

  • If I wanted to cut your dick off, I would have done it in front of you just to see the last look of horror and your eyes.

  • You're telling the truth.

  • No shit.

  • The fuck is going on here.

What do you mean?

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