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  • homicides, missing people.

  • Dozens of them have been happening there since the 19 sixties from the FBI and dropping you from time to time.

  • What did they find?

  • Nothing.

  • It's inconclusive.

  • Last day.

  • Nothing has been solved.

  • And what do you think it means?

  • How do you put it in perspective?

  • They have different categories for these types of things.

  • Different levels.

  • An encounter of the first kind.

  • That's when you see a UFO.

  • Second kind is when you see evidence of it.

  • Crop circles, radiation.

  • The third kind is when you make contact.

  • But the fourth kind is nothing more frightening than the force, is he?

  • That one is when they abduct you.

  • And I think it's all part of the same thing.

  • It's all connected so well.

  • Missing people do everything.

  • You know, this type of thing.

  • What's happening to know to me?

  • How do you think yeah is happening to other people?

  • Not just there but all over the world.

  • In towns, cities, most of them don't even know it.

  • No, they're abducted.

  • How could they know?

  • How could they remember what they're being forced to forget?

homicides, missing people.

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