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  • have you ever wanted to become a king, president or maybe a prime minister?

  • Have you ever dreamt of being the person on the top of the hierarchy?

  • Have you ever thought, how supreme leaders manage to stay in power?

  • Well, my dear friend, you have come to the right place.

  • you are the hero of this video, as a king or a president, your job isn't just to enjoy

  • that lavish life but also keep your people in control.

  • If you aren't careful, you will be overthrown and your rival will take your position.

  • Whether its a kingdom that you are ruling over or a republic that you are president

  • of, The following 3 rules apply everywhere.

  • 1.

  • fear is the key

  • Even if you have the police and the army on your side, it's not easy to keep millions

  • of people in control.

  • Any of these people at any point might look at you and say: I can do a better job and

  • that's a potential threat.

  • Of course, you can try to manipulate your people but its really difficult to manipulate

  • someone who is very rational, someone who thinks twice before taking an action.

  • However, logic's greatest enemy is emotion.

  • Emotions push people to take action without objectively thinking about them.

  • Fear, for instance, it turns on your fight or flight response and you will choose one

  • of them without calculating the consequences.

  • You will want to choose the easiest path but not necessarily the best.

  • (You the king) Of course, if you threaten everyone directly, people will just hate you

  • and you probably won't stay in power for long.

  • That's why let someone else be the bad guy, someone out there who is willing to destroy

  • your people.

  • Create an environment that would keep people afraid of a potential attack.

  • If necessary, create a real attack in the neighborhood (bomb explosion) and then blame

  • it on the bad guys (media will spread the message).

  • When people are scared, its easier to manipulate them.

  • Their first priority will be to be safe and not economic prosperity.

  • But fear alone isn't sustainable in the long, you want a strategy that will help you

  • stay in power for as long as possible.

  • That's why you need to follow the second rule.

  • 2. appear like you are doing something

  • If people don't feel like you genuinely care about them, they will find an alternative

  • for you.

  • Humans are creatures of emotions, they need to feel like you are sitting on that throne

  • not only because you are smarter than the rest but also you care about everyone's

  • need.

  • You are solving some serious problems out there.

  • However, solving real problems that would improve everyone's life isn't easy.

  • Improving the economy, creating jobs, upgrading the infrastructure, getting rid of corruption

  • will take years if not decades.

  • But people aren't willing to wait for so long.

  • That's why create shallow problems and then suggestion immediate solution.

  • For example, blame the top 1 percent for not paying their share of taxes.

  • Make it so dramatic that if we just solve this problem, everyone's life will get better.

  • And then raise the taxes for everyone.

  • You will hit 2 birds with one stone.

  • Or blame the neighboring country for all the problems and then send troops to invade it.

  • While you are trying to scare your people and appear like you are the hero that they

  • need.

  • Your country will be filled with economic and social problems.

  • A financial crisis might be on a horizon.

  • That's why you need the rule 3

  • 3.

  • keep the attention away

  • If you can't solve the financial crisis right now, let people be busy with something else

  • otherwise they will be discussing your failures.

  • That could bring together a group of people who oppose your actions and protest which

  • is a potential threat.

  • That's why keep their attention away, by creating a lot of noise around meaningless issues.

  • Havent you realized that 90% of what you see on tv is pure garbage that is intended to

  • distract your from the real problems that your country has.

  • These 3 rules of propaganda have been used by kings, generals, and leaders throughout

  • history.

  • Your mind might be filled with lots of different ideas that could built a real utopia but without

  • the control of the public, you might not even stand a chance to start.

  • You might feel smart that you can distinguish fake news, but the point of the propaganda

  • isn't to always spread lies but rather direct your attention to other meaningless issues.

  • Its job is to make you forget about certain things at the moment.

  • So as long as its playing somewhere around you, you might have been manipulated without

  • realizing that.

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  • We work hard to make videos that are both interesting and helpful, so thank you for

  • watching, and until next time.

have you ever wanted to become a king, president or maybe a prime minister?

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How To Become A President

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