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  • here we are at one of the U.

  • K's crown jewels, the National Theater.

  • But if you're hearing impaired, all of that may mean nothing to you.

  • But you guys were trying to change that.

  • Over the last two years, we've been developing a new system, which is called smart captioned glasses.

  • I just wanna put them on because I've tried virtual reality augmented mixed reality headsets, and they're usually pretty heavy.

  • These low are fairly light.

  • I suppose the only difficulty I might feel is the fact that you've got the foreground and the background, and they're quite far from each other.

  • So I kind of have to look down and look up at the subtitles.

  • If you tap the keypad, you can change the way it's displayed.

  • You can alter the size you can, also positioning on the screen on A lot of people love to have it huge in pink over the face of the performance, so that they can lip read at the same time Aziz reading captions.

  • This is essentially augmented reality.

  • You're putting something digital or virtual on top of what you're actually seeing somewhat similar to Pokemon go.

  • Will these be available for all the performances moving forward, it will be on every single night.

  • Just how accurate is this technology that's following the text we program in the script as it was performed on the press note on Worst, You called me pretentious on the accuracy based on that is between 93 96%.

  • If a performer jumps a few lines, the system will react.

  • It'll take a second or two, but the system will react, and it will recognize where it is.

  • There's that iconic picture of people in a movie theater with three D glasses that black and white photo we've all seen.

  • So do you envision a future where you'll see lots of people with this technology, whether they're hearing impaired or just wanting Thio, hear or read something in a second language?

  • I think that's that's the next phase of what we're doing.

  • We're really, really keen on introducing many foreign languages as we can to bring audiences into the theater so they can have the same experience as everyone else.

  • There's bean overwhelming positive response, really for death.

  • Theatergoers who would love to be able thio come into the theater anytime they wanted.

  • That it's going to the feast that was Captain Umit.

  • But with gas is it's much more enjoyable.

  • Follow the movement of there on the site on the Phyllis Small, inclusive.

  • I do that freedom be ableto we departed and get the actors space.

  • Big improvement.

  • Um, I've never found out able to do that until I was planting.

  • Why?

  • It's really fundamental that an organization like the National Theater and it's really privileged position, um, does this kind of work for the sex mhm.

here we are at one of the U.

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