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  • A massive manhunt is underway in Austria as police search for those behind a suspected Islamist terror attack.

  • In Vienna, four people were killed when it least one gunman opened fire in the city center.

  • Another 17 people were wounded.

  • The attack happened yesterday evening as people gathered in bars and restaurants hours before the enforcement off new coronavirus restrictions.

  • The interior minister, Carl No.

  • Hammer, has described one of the gunmen, who was shot dead by police as an Islamic state sympathizer.

  • Another possible attacker is still being hunted on.

  • A suspect has been arrested.

  • People have been urged to avoid central Vienna as leaders around the world have condemned the attack.

  • This report is from Mark La Belle in the closet.

  • Austrian police ordered people to take cover.

  • News of an incident emerged just before eight last night, with reports of several gunmen armed with rifles opening fire in six locations.

  • One witness recalls what he saw.

  • We didn't know what's going on, to be honest, the only thing we heard off Waas the firecrackers, the sound of firecrackers aan den.

  • We only saw what happened sort of afterwards.

  • You know, we saw the policeman industry next to our restaurant.

  • We saw the ambulance, um, you know, lining up next to our restaurant.

  • We saw there were victims who seemed harmed in a way.

  • It unfolded in a vibrant district of Vienna opposite a synagogue, which was closed at the time.

  • It's not clear if that was a target.

  • It comes a night before a new eight PM coronavirus curfew kicks in for cafes and restaurants there.

  • Austria's chancellor has called it a repulsive terror attack way we're living here in Austria, and particularly in Vienna through difficult hours, were victims of an appalling terrorist attack in our capital, which is still ongoing.

  • I want to thank the emergency services.

  • They're risking their lives to secure our safety.

  • Boris Johnson has tweeted that he is deeply shocked by the terrible attacks, telling the people of Austria, the UK stands united with them against terror.

  • Police is still searching for at least one suspect still at large.

  • They're urging people to stay at home or avoid public transport if they're out on the streets.

  • Austria's interior minister described this as the hardest day for the country for several years as the manhunt continues for at least one heavily armed and dangerous attacker.

  • The special forces are also looking beyond the capital.

  • Mark Lobel, BBC News Let's speak now to Eric Fry, who is senior editor at the Standard newspaper and he is in Vienna.

  • Erica, thanks very much for your time this morning.

  • Are we any clearer this morning about the number off suspects that police are looking for?

  • No, we're not.

  • What we know is that the reports that came out last night that there may be six Attackers on the way Waas probably wrong beyond the likelihood is that it was a soul, a single attacker who was who was doing the shooting yesterday.

  • Uh, whether there is a Whether there is a companies who is now actually armed and and at large is unclear.

  • But the police statements on the statements of the Interior Minister rather sound that they think it's just one person, but they like to find out more about his background and the people and his network.

  • So the people who have been also detains this morning and questioned seemed to be not involved in the shooting like last night directly, but seem tohave have contact with him on his Islamist background.

  • Eso the authorities clearly have some level of information about the gunman who was shot dead.

  • Given what they've said this morning, how have they been able to search any any properties or carry out any other searches which have led them toe to make this statement?

  • Yes, they will.

  • Immediately, Somehow they found they identified the person.

  • They found his apartment, which is in the working class district in Vienna.

  • They broke it open, and they're apparently they found signs for his sympathy for the Islamic state for radical Islamism.

  • And what they know now is is 20 years old.

  • He has a criminal record, so he has been known to the police.

  • But this is about this is about all of, you know, we don't know where he got his guns and his weapons from, and we don't know whether he has been actually involved in in in any kind of political activity before.

  • Tell us more, Eric, about the area where this attack began last night.

  • Well, it was apparently the first shooting happened right in front of the main synagogue in Vienna s O.

  • It seems like that this was actually the target, but this area is also one of the main party and club and cafe district and going out district in Vienna.

  • And last night it was full because this is the last evening before the curfew kicks in and the weather was nice.

  • The other was warm.

  • Sort of were hundreds, thousands of people on the streets and in cafes and bars.

  • And he, uh, shooting happened right in this vicinity.

  • So he went from one place to the next door.

  • He was running or escaping, shooting at various places.

  • And all this was a place where a lot of people on the street and a lot off a lot of activity.

  • Hey, didn't go.

  • He didn't get very far.

  • Basically, 15 minutes, 20 minutes after the first emergency call, police was there, and they and they and they stopped him and they and they shot him.

  • That so the police intervention came very fast and save probably a lot of lives.

  • Okay, Erica, thank you for your thoughts this morning.

A massive manhunt is underway in Austria as police search for those behind a suspected Islamist terror attack.

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