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  • So I mentioned the Steelers here getting Avery Williamson.

  • They will face the Browns again in Week 17.

  • Final regular season week, the all divisional week.

  • As we know here in the NFL.

  • Obviously, the Browns are gonna be playing that game in every game up until that point without Odell Beckham Jr Key.

  • The early returns yesterday on life for that O b.

  • J.

  • For anybody that thought that was the case, they might want to eat their words at this point.

  • Well, I I thought it would that Baker Mayfield would be better, better as a quarterback.

  • Not that they can win without O.

  • B.

  • J.

  • I just wanted to see him evolved at the Q B position, and clearly it didn't happen that way.

  • I thought he would go through his, reads his progressions.

  • He wouldn't lock on the one guy, um, it didn't turn out the way you know it was.

  • You could factor whether in you could do all of those sort of things.

  • The Raiders don't care.

  • They got out there with a W in Baker, Mayfield is having to answer questions.

  • It was just ugly game toe watch, terrible weather.

  • Like watching it was the weather just I mean, watching Derek Carr gets, um, completions.

  • Baker struggle a little bit.

  • Jarvis Landry literally had the ball in his hands for a TV.

  • Uh, it didn't work out.

  • It's like those of the game within the margins that you feel like you wish Baker Mayfield would have won, but the same time I give a lot of credit to the Raiders.

  • As Key said earlier in our show, Look, they found a way to win the game and bad weather.

  • I just I don't I don't take away anything from that game being like, all right?

  • Like it's over like, I've never I don't think anybody expected this team be better without O.

  • B.

  • J.

  • I think anybody I mean for people that started to run away with that narrative E No, you didn't say that.

  • You thought he would have to go through his progressions better.

  • And they're not gonna be better without B o.

  • B.

  • J.

  • You gotta be a damn food.

  • I think they're gonna be thank you.

  • Doesn't it doesn't work like that.

  • I just thought that the quarterback would have played better because he's not locked on to someone that he trusts and he believes in And what happens with quarterbacks, Just like if you was playing point guard and pushing the ball up the court, you feel comfortable kicking to certain people in the corner, opposed the other guys you like.

  • Well, I see him.

  • I'm gonna kick to him cause I know he's gonna knock down the three Baker Mayfield at the quarterback spot feels comfortable locking on the 13.

  • But what the progress with him has been is he stayed on 13 instead of getting off of him when it's not there.

  • Okay, let me ask.

  • You come into the season, though.

  • Then being in that division, did you do?

  • It's kind of like the Dallas Cowboys, because, like, you always pay attention to, like, the names, the sexiness of the people, the personnel like, Did you Was it mawr?

  • Hey, I like this team because of their potential.

  • Instead of saying I know this team is gonna be in the thick of it.

  • No, I like him because of both.

  • I picked them.

  • Actually, to win the division is weird, as that may sound, because I didn't know what being was going to be like coming back off a surgery and Lamar just, you know, Lamar was gonna have a good season.

  • But in the end, sometimes your sophomore, I would call him his sophomore season because he didn't really play, even though he led him to the playoffs his freshman years.

  • First year.

  • I'd give this this year his sophomore year because even have a full year.

  • I thought the Baltimore would be, you know, still good, but not running away with the pack.

  • Zubin Yeah, Baker.

  • Mayfield had a streak of 10 straight games of the passing touchdown snapped.

  • Proof that he is.

  • Indeed, as the Fella said, Not better without O.

  • B.

  • J.

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So I mentioned the Steelers here getting Avery Williamson.

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The Browns' first game without Odell Beckham Jr. did not look good | KJZ

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