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  • Once upon a time, during a holiday festival of lights

  • to celebrate Diwali and see beautiful sights,

  • Mira, Royal Detective was on the case

  • to visit her friends in a faraway place.

  • In Disney's Hollywood Studios they gathered to meet,

  • and waved all around as they rode down the street.

  • It was there in the car that Mira rode on,

  • she noticed that Mikku and Chikku were gone.

  • Mira wondered where those mongooses could be.

  • So she followed the clues that led to a tree.

  • At Disney's Animal Kingdom, lanterns lit up the square.

  • A holiday festival of lights,

  • but Mikku and Chikku? Not there.

  • "Those silly mongooses have run off," she thought.

  • So she followed the trail that led to EPCOT.

  • She saw temples and gardens and things big and round.

  • But her two furry pals? Nowhere to be found.

  • A mystery to solve, as a detective would know,

  • she followed more clues to the Play & Dance show.

  • Please welcome Mira!

  • You have been searching all over Walt Disney World

  • for Mikku and Chikku.

  • Where could they possibly be?

  • Friends, if you see Mikku and Chikku,

  • can you let us know where they are?

  • With her Disney Junior friends,

  • they all danced and cheered.

  • When suddenly Mikku and Chikku appeared!

  • There they are!

  • Mira, Royal Detective, she followed the clues

  • to solve the case of two missing mongoose.

  • Together at last, they all yelled hooray,

  • a celebration of friendship for one magical day.

  • Announcer: Mira's visit was just one day,

  • but you can see her Disney Junior friends

  • at Walt Disney World Resort on your next visit.

  • And catch "Mira, Royal Detective"

  • every day on Disney Junior

  • and in the Disney Now app.

Once upon a time, during a holiday festival of lights

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