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  • anyone who was around in the year 2000 and was following the presidential contest between George W.

  • Bush and Al Gore likely remembers the dramatic legal battle over Florida's.

  • Bush eventually won the state by a mere 537 votes, but only after the Supreme Court on Earth.

  • Things time around.

  • Florida's 29 electoral votes are basically up for grabs.

  • The two candidates are pulling essentially neck and neck, just a week after Biden held a narrow lead.

  • It's a must win state for the president, and both candidates have showered attention of Florida voters.

  • North Carolina's polling shows Biden in Trump neck and neck.

  • But potentially more interesting is the state Senate race.

  • Republican incumbent Thom Tillis is statistically even with the Democratic challenger, Cal Cunningham.

  • Democrats obviously want to take back the Senate, and this is one of the seats with vulnerable Republican incumbents that they're hoping to flip.

  • Another reason the Democrats have to be hopeful.

  • The state's governor race Democrat Roy Cooper, had a wide lead over his Republican challenger, Dan Forest, in August polling.

  • That's an indication that the state could swing blue in the presidential race.

  • But who knows?

  • Rising coronavirus infections of Wisconsin could be a major factor in the polls of the state, which has 10 electoral all votes up for grabs, CO.

  • Would cases there increased by more than 99 prisoners last week?

  • That's the biggest one week change out of any state.

  • More than half of likely Wisconsin voters say that the coronavirus is the most important issue facing in their state.

  • And 59% say that the high number of cases in the U.

  • S.

  • Is due to poor leadership and policy decisions from President Trump, its contents neighbor to the east.

  • Michigan is also being hit hard by the coronavirus.

  • Infections rose by the third most out of any state in the week ending October 25th, and 47% of likely voters in Michigan say the pandemic is the most important problem in their state.

  • Michigan flipped Red in 2016 and was key to Trump's victory, handing him a win by just more than 10,000 votes.

  • This week, a judge in Michigan sided with gun rights advocates by allowing the open carrying of firearms at polling sites on election Day that reverses a previous order intended to prevent voter intimidation a week after 13 men were arrested in a plot to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer in a flip from 2016 when Trump defeated Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton by a small margin.

  • Biden now holds in our lead in Pennsylvania, a state where majority of voters can swing towards either major party that Serena voters believe that while Biden will manage the pandemic better Trump Trump's Biden on the economy, officials are bracing for a surge in Maine in ballots they expect to receive about three million of them statewide, and in Philadelphia, they're scrambling to prepare for unrest in case the results were disputed.

  • Arizona has emerged as a top battleground in the White House race after Trump wanted by 3.5% points over Hillary Clinton in 2016.

  • If Biden wins Arizona, he'll be the first Democratic presidential candidate to do so since Bill Clinton carried it in 1996.

  • Compared to other Senate races, Arizona doesn't look especially close.

  • Republican Martha McSally, who was appointed to fill the seat left by John McCain death, is trying to fend off a challenge by Democrat Mark Kelly, a former astronaut.

  • He became a gun control activists after his wife, former representative Gabby Giffords, is badly wounded in a 2011 shooting.

  • What's happening in Texas is that Biden is tantalizingly close to a prize that eluded generations of Democratic presidential candidates, the last one to take the state.

  • It was Jimmy Carter in 1976.

  • So if he gets the Lone Star State's 38 electoral votes, well, it would end any chance Trump has a reelection.

  • Early voting turnout in the state has been staggering.

  • As of Tuesday, nearly eight million Texans cast their ballots.

  • That's 90% of the entire states vote in 2016 according to the University of Florida.

anyone who was around in the year 2000 and was following the presidential contest between George W.

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