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  • free free.

  • I hate stuff for free.

  • I can't believe I'm saying this, but I don't like free.

  • And it's all because off something that happened to me.

  • Ah, while back two years ago, I went a little bit crazy and decided to get to a partner, one in Israel and one in Palestine.

  • He's got some attitude today because he's getting an apartment.

  • Finally, at age 26 on, the idea was simple.

  • Let me give this apartment for free for anyone to sleep there.

  • E because I wanted people to visit and see both countries at war, Israel and Palestine.

  • You just email me what day you want to stay there and my team will make it happen.

  • Thousands off people love that idea, and they emailed me in the hundreds.

  • Some even book the apartment months in advance because, after all, it's a three night stay.

  • This'll was working.

  • We were fully booked until something even crazier happened.

  • People started to cancel at the last minute.

  • People's plans changed, and they decided they don't want to stay at the apartment anymore.

  • 100% off.

  • The bookings were free and 50% off them were canceled.

  • This is the cost off free?

  • Because when we get things free off charge, we don't value them, so we easily give up on them.

  • This isn't just unique to my apartment.

  • This is everywhere around us.

  • If we get clothes for free, we throw them away.

  • Gift for free.

  • We don't use them education for free.

  • We don't value it.

  • I know I don't value my free Harvard education, and on the other hand, we value the things we pay for.

  • That's why people take care off their $3000 Louis Vuitton bag, not because it's a bag, but because it costs $3000.

  • And this is also how entire countries are built.

  • Some governments understood this problem, so they make citizens pay 5% for their education, or 5% for their health care, not for the money.

  • It's just to make people and citizens value the thing they're getting from the government because 100% free can be dangerous.

  • This is just the story off to apartments that I tried in Israel and Palestine, but the lesson from them is much, much bigger.

  • There is no such thing as a free lunch, because even if the lunch is free.

  • We may not even eat it.

  • See you next week.

  • Guys.

  • Do you know why I make my videos so short, like one minute to three minutes?

  • It's because no one has time for one hour videos.

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  • Essentially, what they do is they take a book and then summarize it to a 15 minute audio clip so you can actually learn the book without having to read every single award in it.

  • So when it comes to reading a book, let's say like SAPIENs, which is a very great book.

  • You know, people said the author is a genius because he summarized the human history into one book and then blink.

  • It is even more genius.

  • They took that book and summarized it into a 15 minute long clip so you can get the point across without having to spend hours and hours and hours reading a book.

  • Blink.

  • It is a paid app, but it has the value off 3000 books about different topics around the world.

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  • That's more than a minute.

  • See you tomorrow.

free free.

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Why I Hate Free

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/02
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