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  • immediately to try to make sense of this.

  • I thought of one person.

  • And that's Reece Davis, who quarterbacks college game day, which is the best show we've got here it the network in college in Happy Valley for, uh, Penn State and Ohio State.

  • But that obviously takes a back seat to this massive news, Reese.

  • And as we sort through all of the specifics, there are questions that we don't have answers to.

  • I just wonder, what are you most curious about?

  • As the timeline moves forward in the immediate moments Got?

  • The thing I'm most curious about is one of those tests going to look like to come back on Friday.

  • Are there other Clemson players that will be impacted for the Boston College game, which then, potentially, it would impact them from the Notre Dame game the following week?

  • That's that's the one thing.

  • And then the other thing is obviously too.

  • See their backup quarterback, who I presume and likely will be starting deejay who younger lately, who is five star guy, highly touted.

  • But he doesn't have any experience.

  • You know that along with waiting to see exactly when the count starts and assuming Trevor clears the virus and test negative.

  • Will will be ready to go against Notre Dame next week, and that is the enormous question, because it's an enormous game against a very talented Notre Dame team.

  • I think we can safely say that whenever the count started, even if Lawrence were available to play against the Irish, he would not Reese be able to practice in time for that game.

  • How do you think Dabbagh would handle that?

  • I think you put him out there, Scott, and he's the best player, best quarterback in college football in his generational type guy, and he's played a ton.

  • So I would view it almost like an NFL situation where a guy would get mental reps and probably a ton of zoom meetings and opportunities to study the game plan, which he'll know inside out anyway, based on his experience.

  • You know, there, there's bound to be if he can't practice at all and can't throw, there's bound to be, you know, a little bit of rust or something.

  • But if he is cleared, unable to play, and this is just my judgment on it, certainly not having not talk to dabble about it.

  • I can't envision a scenario which Trevor Lawrence is cleared to play and he wouldn't start the game.

  • I think I think they'll put him out there and let him work his way into it.

  • We agree.

  • And I think I want to say, here on the air where you and I set off the air because I think it's important people here this because it's really easy reach to go Well, he's just gonna play if Trevor Lawrence is ill.

  • Neither of us believe that Dabo Swinney would put that young man in harvest way.

  • Do we?

  • There's no way on earth.

  • There's gonna be nothing untoward done about this that would in any way, shape, form or fashion, jeopardize Trevor's health or risk anyone else around him.

  • That's not how Dad will operates.

  • And, frankly, Scott, I really don't think it's how any coach operates.

  • So if Trevor Lawrence plays against Notre Dame next week, it will be because he is healthy.

  • He's able to play and he poses no risk to anyone else.

  • We agree on that and I just want to say it because I know how people look and I probably roll their eyes of this now, and I don't care, because I believe that we're right on this.

  • And, Reese, be well, stay safe.

  • And we look forward to watching you guys this weekend from Penn State.

  • All right.

  • All right.

  • Thanks, Scott.

  • Appreciate it.

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immediately to try to make sense of this.

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