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  • It's hard to argue that Mayfield would be better off without a superstar like Beckham, but the numbers say that he has been his Q B R is nearly perfect when targeting other wideouts on the team, and his completion percentage is up 25% when throwing away from Beckham this year.

  • So let me bring my squad back in on this, and I will start with David Pollock was up early with us this morning.

  • When you hear something like Baker Mayfield, the quarterback is better without the best receiver on his team and one of the best in football thought goes through your mind.

  • I think it's always It's always frustrating to hear that, because when you got when you got a talent like LBJ, that should never happen.

  • But it kind of worked out that way this past weekend, but I think it's more about managing Baker than it is about O.

  • B.

  • J and knowing who they are.

  • And when you start the game with four out of five drop back passes, you know, incompletions, hard passes.

  • That's not what Baker Mayfield is gonna succeed with.

  • Baker.

  • Mayfield is one of the most rhythmic quarterbacks you'll find you got to give him that easy stuff.

  • You gotta give him the run.

  • When they got going in the second half And then in the second quarter when he got rolling and he got his 21 straight completions, he it was a roll out.

  • It was it was run, run, run.

  • It was a bubble.

  • He got his rhythm.

  • It could now be play.

  • Action can now be timing because when he gets in a rhythm, he gets in time, He's really, really good.

  • So listen, you take away O b j.

  • I don't I don't think the team becomes better.

  • But if you coach better and protect Baker Mayfield and run the football and stick to that script, he will be better.

  • So maybe without O b j, they will do that more consistently, and you'll see a better, more consistent baker.

  • Mayfield.

  • Nique, I'm thinking about this thing somewhat psychologically.

  • What do you think when you hear this conversation?

  • Yeah, I mean, I think that's kind of absurd the idea that they get better when they have not as good players on the field.

  • I think that I could understand that maybe Baker could feel the pressure of wanting to get the ball toe Odell Beckham and that could throw him off a bit.

  • But I don't think the number is necessarily support that it's not that he's forcing the ball of anything.

  • I would love to see O.

  • B.

  • J have more targets than he had, but to me, all that suggest is if your quarterback, if it is a psychological thing, then you got the wrong quarterback.

  • If having somebody on your team that's really good makes your quarterback worse, then you got the wrong quarterback.

  • I don't think that's the case, and I think that anyone who believes that the reason why Baker hasn't become the full baker that we all expected him to be is because Odell Beckham is there.

  • I think that's ridiculous.

  • What do you think, RC?

  • I think that this is hard for me because I got to go against two of my brothers and colleagues who I love very much and Odell Beckham Jr.

  • Who is one of my favorite people or favorite players in the league.

  • But Baker Mayfield is better without Odell Beckham Jr and it's not an Odell Beckham Jr problem.

  • It's actually a Baker Mayfield problem.

  • Baker Mayfield understands how the work to feel a little bit better when Odell Beckham Jr isn't there.

  • Baker Mayfield seems to make the right decision on throwing to the Open man when Odell Beckham Jr isn't there and the Cincinnati Bengals game was a direct example of that.

  • He took the right throw at the right time.

  • He got to the Open guy and he made things happen in elects, a less complex route situation.

  • Then he normally does with Odell Beckham Jr.

  • So is it true?

  • Yes.

  • Is it Odell Beckham Junior's fault, though?

  • No, it's not.

  • So that's right.

  • I think that all those things can't be true.

  • At the same time, I would ask you Graziano is my insider here.

  • Where is Odell now?

  • Like he's gonna be out for the rest of the season, has a bunch of money guaranteed for injury.

  • What does his future look like with the Browns?

  • Or might it be somewhere else?

  • He doesn't turn 28 until next week, so you know he's got a future.

  • And, as you mentioned, he's got guaranteed money with Cleveland next year, so he will be in their plans I mean, look, the Browns feel like they can operate their offense without him.

  • But having him in their elevates their offenses potential, right?

  • I mean, this is a team that's five and two lost by 30 plus points to the Ravens and Steelers so they can win games without Odell Beckham.

  • But is that gonna allow them to compete with the very top teams?

  • Uh, in the A f.

  • C in the NFL?

  • I mean, look, you know, to borrow from Ryan, when Tony Stark and Captain America split up, they could get some stuff done.

  • Sure.

  • I mean, they're good enough, but when Faneuil's shows up, they need to get back together or else they're not gonna have any kind of all right, Don't encourage this.

  • I lose control every single week.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

It's hard to argue that Mayfield would be better off without a superstar like Beckham, but the numbers say that he has been his Q B R is nearly perfect when targeting other wideouts on the team, and his completion percentage is up 25% when throwing away from Beckham this year.

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Discussing expectations for Baker Mayfield without Odell Beckham Jr. | Get Up

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