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  • Trevor Lawrence has tested positive for the coronavirus.

  • He will miss this Saturday's game against Boston College.

  • He is isolating with mild symptoms.

  • They play Notre Dame a week from Saturday.

  • There are so many questions, let's bring in Dr Myron Rolle, who was a neurosurgeon resident and now charged with treating covert patients.

  • And, of course, we remember he was a great safety at Florida State in the NFL.

  • Miners, great to see you again.

  • So let's start with this.

  • A young athlete like Trevor Lawrence, who is obviously in great shape.

  • What is the recovery process like for someone like him with mild symptoms?

  • Well, thanks for having me.

  • You know, his recovery is going to be tough, certainly because he's obviously used to working out and being in an environment with other players.

  • Um, in a situation where hey, maybe exposed over and over again and sort of restart his clock of being positive for co vid.

  • But he doesn't have advantage of being young.

  • He has the advantage of having no core mobility is not being sick at baseline, right, so that's helpful for him.

  • But I think right now the focus needs to be on the isolation, making sure that he is away from any other further exposures.

  • Making sure that he is taking care of his symptoms are managed the best way they possibly could be making sure that we stay alert and stay vigilant to his oxygen consumption status.

  • That's obviously very important because we don't want something long lasting to affect this young man's career or affect his life.

  • Once football is done, that's important course.

  • Yes, first foremost and forever.

  • His health is the most important part of this conversation period.

  • New paragraph.

  • The football side of it, obviously, is of interest to a lot of people.

  • They play Notre Dame a week from tomorrow.

  • If Trevor Lawrence clears protocols, could we expect him reasonably to be physically prepared for that game?

  • You know, I'd say No, I'm very conservative.

  • You know, I looked at the patients that we handle here at Mass General Hospital, the patient that I've operated on, who had Cove in 19.

  • You know, if patients who have been exposed to staff members who have Cove in 19 they go in isolation there on droplet contact and airborne precautions, they're tested with rapid PCR test, consistently even if they're ready to go to a rehab facility or go home because they clear PT or something like that were very conservative.

  • But we're also very proactive in the sense that we want to make sure that everyone is very, very healthy before they step out into the community.

  • And I think the same thing is to be true here in the NFL college high school, other systems want to be serious about premium on their athletes on their families.

  • Then they'll go very, very slow to make sure that these players are absolutely clear and that they don't jeopardize again.

  • Their future as a football player is an athlete, but also as a human that has to live with maybe some of the uncertainties of what Kobe can do in the long term.

  • Dr Myron Rolle.

  • Thank you for the work you're doing.

  • Thank you for the insight you shared with us here and we'll talk to you again soon.

  • Thank you for making the time for us.

  • There's one other thing I wanted to get in here from the world of college football.

  • Obviously, in a different but similar vein, the Big 10 has nixed a proposed deal that would have allowed Nebraska to play this weekend.

  • Their game against Wisconsin was scheduled.

  • They tried to reschedule the game against it.

  • FCS Team Chattanooga.

  • This is the latest controversy between Nebraska and the Big 10 is the conference said No.

  • Paul Finebaum, Nebraska released a statement expressing disappointment in the Big 10 not allowing them to play.

  • What is your reaction to all of this?

  • Nebraska is a total embarrassment these days.

  • Greeny, I don't know, even know where to begin, other than to say they've been in the Big 10 for 10 years and the only major championship they've one is the league's biggest cry baby.

  • And the athletic director, in trying to defend playing Chattanooga, said, Well, it could be an important data point for the CFP, Nebraska and the CFP.

  • I've got a better chance of winning.

  • The country's most sexiest man in Nebraska has of going to the C F.

  • P this year.

  • You know, in all honesty, you have my vote for that.

  • So I disagree with your premise, but I do agree with your thought so so just to make it 100% clear, you believe that these that the Big 10 has it right there.

  • Policy is games that are unable to be played on time.

  • They are canceled.

  • They're not postponed.

  • You're on that side, Greeny.

  • After all the delays and restarts, the Big 10 came up with a specific season.

  • We're playing each other.

  • We're not playing Chattanooga.

  • So why Nebraska?

  • Once ago, remember, Nebraska used to be in the Big 12.

  • They thought they were too good for that and and they joined the Big 10.

  • They ought to get out of the Big 10 and find someplace where they could rule the roost because they don't belong in the Big 10 any longer.

  • All right, there you have it.

  • So again, Nebraska, there was a close to play Wisconsin tomorrow.

  • Wisconsin has an outbreak that includes six of their players and their head coach, Paul Chryst.

  • That game won't be played, and Nebraska won't play this weekend, either.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

Trevor Lawrence has tested positive for the coronavirus.

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Dr. Myron Rolle doesn’t expect Trevor Lawrence to play against Notre Dame or Boston College | Get Up

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