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  • Only in Japan

  • Welcome to Obama City Japan yeah, I know what you're thinking

  • Why didn't in the city after the former president right actually they didn't this city's been around for generations,

  • centuries and there's a lot of history before

  • 2008 when the former president became the president like the fact that Obama was the original gateway to Japan a place of trade and commerce

  • And the first place an elephant stepped ashore in the country

  • The mackerel or Saba is famous here and Obama was where the road from the sea to the Imperial City Kyoto started

  • Mackerel Road is 70 kilometers long and had loads of activity back and forth then they did take advantage of the name recognition

  • situation there's Obama which written here in Japanese means small Beach, and then there's President Obama, which means

  • President Obama

  • But in 2008 this city was thrown into the international spotlight because of its relationship with the president phonetically

  • Before we look around let's see exactly where this little city on the sea sets

  • It's the innermost point from the Sea of Japan to Kyoto

  • Mackerel road goes around the mountains

  • The city itself is well protected by Wakasa Bay and follows the Kita-gawa

  • and Minami rivers to the sea. Most of the shore area is urban and quickly turns to farms and countryside inland

  • Obama's nicknamed "Nara by the sea" and that sea is beautiful

  • I stayed at the hotel "Sekumiya" because I heard that I'd be greeted by VIPs in the lobby

  • I didn't have to go far to find them

  • Yeah, I know, but they're there as life-sized cardboard cutouts

  • The lobby is filled with stuff from the former president's political career. The story goes that when he visited Japan in

  • 2006 as a senator the immigrations officer looked at his passport and said that he was from Obama, Japan

  • This left an impression on the senator and the mayor of Obama followed up by sending gifts, thus starting a special friendship with the town

  • Obama City cheered him on as his political career blossomed into the White House. Obama citizens especially loved the president's Hawaiian ancestry

  • Although he hasn't visited Obama city as of

  • 2017 the ambassador at the time John Roos made a trip to the city and even invited the mayor to the Embassy in Tokyo

  • Putting aside politics, it's nice to see this unique international friendship based on a surprising coincidence

  • Some souvenirs made its way here

  • Local artists also added to the hotel's collection. The gift shop sells Obama confections

  • The sweet cookie with the president pressed on it

  • The top seller of the Manju sweet red bean cakes wrapped with the former president of course

  • You can grab a coffee at the vending machine outside with the leader himself

  • The mayor promised a statue of the senator one he did and well here it is

  • It exemplifies Obama's skill as an orator talented at public speaking. In a way, he kind of looks Japanese

  • What do you think?

  • It's always nice to see other Americans in a far away place on the other side of the world

  • Bipartisan appreciation for the moment at hand but I got the funny feeling that it was time for me to go

  • Obama has a happy and aging population

  • Nearly everyone I met was in their silver years including this dog in dog years of course

  • The town is clean and much of the town feels retro

  • Reminders of a couple generations before are everywhere

  • Shops closed early in the city center stores lower their grades and the city gets quiet by 5:00 p.m.

  • At night well you'd better know where to go

  • This is 8 p.m.. On a Friday night in Obama. Did I mention it was Friday night? I?

  • Don't know what people do on Friday night in Obama obviously cuz it's not here in the center of the city

  • Let's just say Obama is a fishing village where people wake up early really early the city may be small

  • But it has a lot of charm and history as I said before it's the NARA by the sea

  • And it's the sea that shines bright here if you have a clear day. You'll be treated to a beautiful sunset over Wakasa Bay

  • It's just as good from the Sekumiya hotel

  • The next day I went to the sea. Obama has a nice boat tour of the surrounding coasts

  • It gives you an idea of how clean the sea is here, and it also reminds you that Obama has some amazing seafood

  • So I've come to the Obama Ichiba, fish market see if I can find some food

  • let's have a look around this fish market is open early, and yes it closes early too and

  • This mural sums up the city well

  • Life on the sea, flowers, temples and mackerel and countryside and

  • Well it's Obama City what can I say Aloha?

  • The market is much smaller than "Tsukiji" but much more inviting

  • The best place for breakfast is here inside the market

  • The "Sashimi Teishoku" for 1400 yen is a fantastic deal

  • It came with a fisherman sized portion of rice and miso soup. The Sashimi cuts are fresh and fantastic but

  • I had to try the area's most delicious fish, Sabah. That's mackerel grilled to perfection

  • Super soft and tender meat that just falls off the bone

  • One of the city's most recommended restaurants was "Kanematsu" near the City Hall. Their "Kaisen-don" was real sea treasure

  • Squid, maguro, shrimp

  • Ikuta

  • Uni or sea urchin

  • Topped with soy sauce mixed with Wasabi

  • A good "Kaisen-don" will make you happy for the rest of the day

  • And this one was enough to keep me smiling throughout the entire stay

  • So it's just a little city by the sea a place where you can sort of chill

  • With a former world leader its citizens. Do hope that he visits them someday, but to me. It's just one of those things

  • That's just only in Japan

  • Next time we highlight some amazing stories from the far side of Japan far for anyone living in Tokyo

  • Mt. Daisen and the area of Tottori prefecture is really special to me, and I'm going to show you why?

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  • Madonna

Only in Japan

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