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  • Saturday night, 7 30 ABC, a spot where it has been many times Ohio State visits James Franklin and Penn State and Happy Valley.

  • And Coach, I appreciate you taking the time.

  • That atmosphere for white out games for Ohio State is right there with, if not the best atmosphere in college football or without your 107,000 strong that you love to talk about.

  • How did where do you tap into the energy?

  • What do you tap into on Saturday night as you welcome?

  • Ah, very talented team to town.

  • Well, obviously it'll be.

  • It'll be very different.

  • And, you know, our focus is on the things that we can control on our team, and obviously it's a tremendous opportunity.

  • We've got college game day coming and obviously playing primetime against one of the best programs in the country, so it will be very different.

  • We just have to embrace, you know, what are our reality is for 2000 20 and obviously everybody in in in the country and in every walk of life is dealing with it.

  • To some degree, I washed your game against Indiana, and at the end of it, I'm trying to figure out how it happened.

  • I mean, you dominate time of possession.

  • First down charge.

  • You did a lot, right?

  • When you go back and look at what you did right?

  • Is that help allow you to move beyond what happened against the Indiana.

  • Seeing how how much winnable football you played.

  • Yeah, well, you just gotta You gotta make corrections.

  • Um, you know, you look, over the last six years since we've been here, we've been a team that's done a great job protecting the football.

  • We did not do that on Saturday.

  • And as you know, Scott, since the beginning of the time you turn the ball over, you're gonna have a hard time winning the end of the game.

  • Obviously, way had a plan.

  • Andi felt really good about that plan.

  • But way didn't execute the plan.

  • We didn't finish the plan.

  • And I'm responsible for all of that.

  • One of the old adages and football's next man up.

  • But you're running back room at this point.

  • Could be last man standing.

  • You guys recruited an incredibly high level.

  • You got some young talent as you look around that particular skill set that position, I guess I should say, How concerning is that that that the depth has been lost due to some injuries and some illness issues?

  • Yeah, so, you know, we came into the season with what people would argue is maybe the most talented running back room in the country, on way lost our first and our second team guy on.

  • You know, it is what it is, But there's a big difference between, uh, you know, being the third back that's gonna rotate into being the starter.

  • That's from the 1st 1st game of the season on.

  • So, you know, be it's gonna be interesting on Saturday.

  • But I know those two freshmen are excited.

  • It is what it is, is an apt description for pretty much everything in the world right now.

  • And James, look, you we know each other a long time.

  • You know how much I love college football, how excited and hopeful I was that you guys would have the opportunity in the Big 10 to play how different James day to day is what you have to manage just to have a chance to practice, let alone play.

  • Yeah, it's it's very different and especially, you know, in the Big 10.

  • We put such a priority.

  • Um, you know, probably the most stringent rules in the country when it comes toe how we're gonna handle Kobe.

  • I've been doing this for 25 years, and the things that we're having to discuss the things that we're gonna we're having to worry about, you know, it's got a Saturday mornings at the hotel waiting for those covert tests to come in.

  • It's, you know, there's a lot of anxiety across the country in college football because even if it's a false positive, you're not playing, you know?

  • So it's just it's very different.

  • But at the end of the day, uh, you know this.

  • This is where we are 2020.

  • We need to embrace it and make the best of it and find Find a way to get a huge win in Beaver Stadium.

  • Come Saturday, I was gonna say all that anxiety all the angst Saturday morning, Saturday night when it gets dark, a little chilly up there in your part of the world and you're gonna run out there against the Scarlet Gray.

  • How close is the emotion in the feeling toe?

  • What it's always been.

  • I hope it's the same.

  • Well, yeah, I think at the end of the day, it's It's football, this opportunity to make plays and put points on the board, and, um but it is different.

  • I mean, yeah.

  • I mean, typically, we'd have 110,000 fans for this for this game, and I've coaching every major conference, including the NFL.

  • There's there's nothing like a like a Penn State home game and specifically a white out.

  • Now that you're back close to home, I'm gonna try to get you on the sideline for a white out game.

  • I think it's something that you need to see firsthand.

  • But it end of the day, you know, we're playing one of the top teams in the country, and we're one of the top teams in the country.

  • And we got him in Beaver Stadium, and, you know, we're gonna compete our tails off well, in my tail will be parked firmly on my couch with my feet up, watching you guys work.

  • James.

  • Appreciate you sparing a little time for us.

  • I know you got a lot to get ready for, so Thanks.

  • Good luck and stay healthy.

  • Okay.

  • Thanks.

  • Got you too, brother.

  • Have a great night.

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Saturday night, 7 30 ABC, a spot where it has been many times Ohio State visits James Franklin and Penn State and Happy Valley.

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James Franklin on how Penn State is preparing for Ohio State at an empty Happy Valley | SC with SVP

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