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  • Hey guys, guess what it's time to build a Spider-Man homecoming hizzy

  • Batman

  • how to make a homecoming yo

  • Anton has become a spider-Man tradition here at how it should have been and we thought it's time for another written by the fans episode

  • So now is your chance to give us your best idea

  • You've probably all seen it, but if not it is still in theaters

  • So go now once you got your I here ready write it in a comment below you don't have an idea yourself

  • But you see a funny idea in the comments

  • please

  • Like it that helps us decide what you guys want to see in the final episode and remember these episodes

  • Contain scenes from all over the movies you don't have to focus on just the ending we will read through the comment and pick out

  • The best ideas that fit with the spirit of how it should have ended and if we pick one of your ideas will credit you

  • As one of the guests right so to recap go cheat a movie write your scene in the comments below and we'll do the rest

  • Let's make another cartoon together again

  • Again as a bonus and because it's just fun to do giveaway we reached out with

  • Sideshow to see if they had any cool spider-Man stuff to raffle off to our fans

  • So if you'd like to win a free pre-order of this awesome spider-Man homecoming figure then click the link to enter the raffle

  • contest ends in three weeks

  • Ok so go ahead get started. We'll wait

  • Are you typing yet? Should be typing an idea. There's a guy below you already beating you to it. Oh

  • That's a good idea

  • That's not how you spell vultures

  • Can all be Batman proper disguise?

  • Yeah, I don't know about

  • We turn off the light

  • Hey, where'd the music go? Oh don't worry? I'll sing you a song to help you concentrate. Oh, gosh. I'm out of here

  • Start a man and get loaded on dancer. He go fly

  • You gotta jump on the roof. He's gonna break a bunch of painful shingles on the

  • Rooftop and be like sorry

  • we know all the fans written by

  • Okay, this is going badly, okay? I'll see you guys later. Bye

Hey guys, guess what it's time to build a Spider-Man homecoming hizzy

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HISHE Written By The Fans: Spider-Man Homecoming

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/31
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