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  • a focus or respect.

  • The former president of the Ivory Coast, Lawrence Bragg Bo, is warning that candidates in the country's upcoming election must resolve a standoff to avoid catastrophe.

  • The West African nation has been gripped by deadly protests ahead of Saturday's vote over President Alison Ouattara's bid for a third term.

  • It's a move his opponents say violates the constitution, which specifies leaders are limited to two terms in power.

  • On they have called for a boycott like a festive catastrophe.

  • What awaits us is a catastrophe on that is why I am speaking.

  • Who can such killed?

  • Apology?

  • It must be known that I have spoken.

  • It must be known that I disagree with going head first towards a catastrophe.

  • I like that.

  • So it's known that I said we could do something else.

  • We must talk his also the affair if we're descriptive.

  • On the last day of campaigning, Bag both said he felt compelled to give his first interview since being arrested in 2011 for his role in a civil war sparked by his refusal to concede defeat Tuatara in the previous year's election.

  • Last year, he was acquitted of war crimes charges related to the conflict, which killed 3000 people this year.

  • Sporadic violence has killed around 30 people since August, when Matar announced his candidacy.

  • Ouattara's two main challenges have called on supporters to prevent the vote from happening.

  • Bag Bo says he agrees with the opposition stance but still urges for some kind of resolution.

  • It's not too late in the public.

  • Always there is always time to do that.

  • There is always time to talk first.

  • I would like to tell Ivorian's that air in this fight today about the third mandate or two.

  • The treasure Amanda History.

  • I am Lauren Gbagbo, former head of state, former International Criminal Court prisoner.

  • I am resolutely on the opposition side duty the opposition.

  • The heated protests have stoked fears about a slide into violence and subsequent economic fallout.

  • Ouattara says the government is deploying 35,000 security force members on election Day to ensure voting is peaceful.

a focus or respect.

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Ivory Coast's Gbagbo warns of election 'catastrophe'

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/31
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