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  • There are seven countries in the world that end with the phrase Stan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgystan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

  • I should clarify, though, that these are the seven countries that end with stand in the English language.

  • If you switch to Persian, you get places like Hindustan, Ma, Gulistan and even latest on and Angola.

  • Stan, if you switch to Turkish, you get places like, you know, anistan service tan and my car Stan.

  • So, depending on the language, there is a lot of places that ended, Stan.

  • But for the purpose of this video, we're sticking with English because it's the only language that I know.

  • So we're uniting all of the countries here, and we're just going to see what happens.

  • So, first of all, what do we name the country of seven stands?

  • The only logical answer in my mind is Stannis Stan, the land of land.

  • After unification, it would become immediately apparent that Stannis Stan would be an abomination that never should have been born.

  • This is an ethnic map of Stannis, Stan, that shows you just how horribly convoluted this whole idea would be.

  • You have large, separated areas of ethnic Russians, Kazaks, Uzbeks, Turkmens, Kyrgyz, Tajiks, Pashtuns, Punjabis, Cindy's blokes and smaller pockets of many, many more.

  • And many of these groups don't exactly get along well with one another.

  • A civil war was fought in Afghanistan, largely between the Pashtuns on one side and the Tajiks and Uzbeks on the other side, that killed thousands of people.

  • Kurdistan and Tajikistan have ongoing unsettled border issues.

  • The Kyrgyz and Uzbeks have fought multiple violent conflicts between each other that have also killed thousands of people, and Tajikistan fought a bloody civil war with itself just in the 19 nineties.

  • Much of the territory that Stannis Stan would occupy is some of the most politically unstable land in the entire world.

  • Not to even mention the fact that the United States currently occupies a large part of Afghanistan with 13,000 soldiers and is actively fighting a war within the country.

  • Stannis Stan would immediately be incredibly unstable upon its creation, and this also doesn't even factor in that Pakistan would completely dominate the new country.

  • Stannis Stan would have a population of 299 million people, which would be the fourth highest population in the world.

  • But Pakistan alone would contribute an overwhelming 71% of that whole population.

  • Stannis Stan's GDP would be $553 billion the 21st largest economy in the world, but again Pakistan alone would contribute over 51% of that entire economy.

  • Pakistan would also be the Onley former country inside of Stannis Stan that actually has nuclear weapons.

  • They currently control on Arsenal somewhere between 151 160 nukes, which would make Stannis Stan a formidable nuclear power.

  • In some ways, Stan Stan would simply be an extended and more powerful Pakistan, since Pakistan alone would still make up the majority of the new country's population and economy and all of the country's nuclear weapons.

  • And Fascinatingly, the most dominant city within the new country would bite far be Karachi, which is home to nearly 15 million people, the fifth biggest city proper in the entire world.

  • Karachi alone is responsible for one third of Pakistan's tax revenue and one fifth of Pakistan's GDP.

  • Karachi alone has a bigger economy than Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgystan and Uzbekistan all combined a city of 15 million versus four countries of 82 million Stannis.

  • Stan society would be largely centered around her biggest city.

  • But Karachi is also important because it would by far be Stannis, Stan's biggest port.

  • 95% of Pakistan's foreign trade is handled through the ports of Karachi, which, unsurprisingly, makes it of critical importance because of Pakistan.

  • Stannis Stanwood, luckily have ocean access via the Arabian Sea while also controlling nearly the entire eastern bank of the Caspian Sea, which makes Stannis Stan, one of only two countries to have ports on both the Arabian and Caspian seas.

  • Now, because of Stannis Stan strategic location in the center of Asia, the vast majority of overland trade routes between Europe and the Middle East on one side, and India and East Asia on the other side, would have to pass through the borders of Stannis Stan Overland trade routes between Asia and Europe or the Middle East and Asia would either have to pass through Russia or Stannis Stan.

  • And because of Stannis Stan's more central location, I suspect that most would opt to go through Stannis Stan.

  • There are a few geographic advantages that Stannis Stan would have, but there would be for farm or geographic weaknesses.

  • Despite being a huge country Stannis Stanwood Onley share borders with for other countries Russia, China, India and Iran, which are all powerful countries in their own rights.

  • Synced anistan would be dominated by Pakistan.

  • The new country would naturally inherit the Pakistani rivalry with India and so wouldn't be likely to find a friend there.

  • This is a map of the Commonwealth of Independent States on economic and military alliance of former Soviet states.

  • That air, led by Russia Stan Stan would gobble up a bunch of these former Soviet states that air still friendly to Russia and have million's of ethnic Russians living inside of them, which would certainly infuriate Russia and spark a rivalry there as well.

  • So right off the bat, Stannis Stan would be arch rivals with two great powers that are right on her borders on opposite sides and with a massive amount of unrest and internal divisions within the country itself.

  • I highly doubt that Stannis Tan could seek out Iran is a friend because a Iran is already a close partner of Russia's and wouldn't be likely to sacrifice that relationship.

  • Just become Stannis.

  • Tans, friend and be Iran is a majority Shia state with different global policy objectives that a majority Sunni state will by Pakistan.

  • Like Stannis, Stan would have.

  • Like I mentioned previously, the United States is actively fighting a war in Afghanistan.

  • So who knows how that might go down?

  • If Afghanistan just became a province of Stannis Stan, relations with the U.

  • S.

  • Would be complicated no matter how that issue gets resolved.

  • So that basically might Onley leave China as a potential nearby ally for Stannis Stan to seek out.

  • But who knows if China would agree to that when India and Russia would both already be looking at destroying the new country and would likely both join in on some kind of alliance against them?

  • Any ruler of Stannis Stan would face enormous external threats from Russia wanting influence in Central Asia back as well as wanting to protect millions of ethnic Russians living there and India wanting to remove um, or influential and powerful Pakistan as a threat.

  • Stannis stands ruler would also face enormous challenges at home, with a severely divided and disunited population along multiple different ethnic and linguistic groups, many of which would likely immediately seek independence and ask for support from either Russia, India or both.

  • Stan Stan would struggle to simply exist from Day one, with the prospect of both a two front war from external powers and an internal civil war going on simultaneously.

  • Only the greatest ruler of them all could successfully lead the country through this chaos.

  • So naturally, why not choose the one true king of Westeros to rule Stannis Stan Stannis Baratheon from a game of Thrones?

  • Stannis would have the military knowledge and the strength to deal with the multiple wars going on in and out of the country.

  • But more importantly, you just gotta admit that King status of Stannis Stan sounds way too perfect.

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this video was made possible by audible.

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