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  • set.

  • The higher Stephen Silas is head coach, according to our own Adrian Ward Yanovsky.

  • Silence was a finalist for this job in 2016 when Houston hired Mike D.

  • Antoni.

  • Silas has nearly two decades of MBA assistant coaching experience, most recently under Rick Carlisle.

  • With the Maps, he is the son of longtime N B A coach Paul Silas.

  • So, Max, how should harden in Westbrook feel about silence?

  • I think the only thing they can feel is hopeful.

  • He's paid his dues.

  • He earned his job, He got the job.

  • They have a lot of talent, Stephen A.

  • You you complain.

  • And, by the way, a consistent under Carlyle.

  • It's a good thing to be you.

  • You complain that the issue is ball movement on that team.

  • I think anyone going into that job is probably going to feel the same thing.

  • They're not gonna coach exactly the way D Antoni coach, But Antonio Maury left an interesting blueprint without a big Westbrook really can get to the paint.

  • He doesn't need to be throwing up threes.

  • There's a blueprint of stuff that works and stuff that maybe needs to be improved upon, and he's getting a shot.

  • If I were that might feel hopeful, they should feel hopeful.

  • This is a guy that waited 20 years for this opportunity.

  • He's a good dude.

  • He's a smart basketball guy.

  • A lot of people felt he should have got the job ahead of D'Antoni.

  • Ah, few years ago in Houston, his father was a good man, always good to me.

  • Um, the bottom line is, I'm happy he got this opportunity.

  • My Onley reservation is that you got a rookie head coach walking into a situation with two of the most stubborn stars you confined.

  • James Harden, to me is just He's just a magician.

  • Offensively, he's big time.

  • It's hard to ask him to change when he's averaging 30 plus a game.

  • Russell Westbrook is the most athletic point guard in the NBA history of perennial All Star and just the ultra ultimate competitors.

  • But, incredibly, incredibly stubborn.

  • How much are you gonna modify their game?

  • Is the question mark?

  • I don't know the answer to that question, but I love the fact that Stephen Silence is getting this opportunity.

  • Uh, how much success do you project under Silas Weir?

  • He's gonna get to the playoffs.

  • He's gonna win 50 plus games.

  • Attn.

  • Least 50 is 72 games today.

  • 82.

  • So 48 to 50 games he'll win.

  • The question is about them.

  • What are you gonna do?

  • Postseason time?

  • Because if he wasn't gonna do anything postseason, there's no like a second round playoff Daryl Morey to be gone.

  • There was no reason for them to be gone if you ain't trying to win in the postseason.

  • Alright, guys.

  • Well, and I think more thanks so much everyone for hanging with us.

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Stephen A. loves the Rockets' decision to hire Stephen Silas as head coach | First Take

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