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  • Kevin, I know you.

  • You guys try to be consistent, but can you explain what went into the decision to take out Blake?

  • Was it something you saw?

  • Was a plan a limited to times through or what was your What was your motive there?

  • No.

  • I mean, the only motive was that the line line up the Dodgers features as potent as any team in the league.

  • Personally, I felt Blake had done his job and then some Mookie coming around for the third time through.

  • I value that I totally respect and understand the questions that come with it.

  • Uh, Blake gave us every opportunity to win.

  • He was outstanding.

  • They're not easy decisions.

  • Um and that's where I came to decision.

  • I felt it was best.

  • After the guy got on base, Barnes hit the single.

  • Didn't want Mookie seeing Mookie or Seeger seeing Blake.

  • Ah, third time.

  • Was that the plan?

  • Even if he was just done through two times through, no matter what, or was there any other wiggle room there?

  • No, there was no no no set plan, Aziz.

  • Muchas people think that sometimes there's no set plan.

  • This organization's tremendous about giving the staff the trust to make the in game decisions that we feel is gonna make, um, or give us the best chance to win.

  • And I totally respect that.

  • How?

  • What it unfolded today was was pretty tough.

  • Got you.

  • And I know Nick didn't get hit hard, but he had a little bit of a rough run here.

  • What gave you the confidence to go to him in that situation?

  • Simply that, uh, it has been a little bit of a challenging run for him.

  • But over the last two years, I think there's an argument to be made that he's been the best reliever in baseball on.

  • We're gonna trust that he's gonna go do his thing.

  • One trivia.

  • Hey, you can You're beginning with the message.

  • That team who kind of spoke up there at the end?

  • Yeah, Eric had a couple of words.

  • I had some words, and then cake spoke and it was all fairly consistent.

  • We're proud of what was accomplished this year.

  • Did we get to where we wanted to?

  • Not quite, But this team had high expectations and you can't get any higher than celebrating on this field.

  • After when?

  • In four games out of seven.

  • We just We came a little bit short, but we were just so appreciative of the efforts of everybody involved the day in the day, out of the people that have been so supportive.

  • The staff on obviously goes without saying the players in the way, Um, they prepare, they find ways to win and the type of teammates they are.

  • It just kind of funny.

  • What do you What do you?

  • Nick has got a gun and hit more than usual here in the boats.

  • You?

  • Well, I think first and foremost you got to give credit to the lineups that their faith that we've been facing.

  • You're talking arguably arguably about the best three lineups and baseball offenses in baseball between New York, Houston and now L.

  • A.

  • Um, they present many challenges.

  • Um, but I think ultimately that's what it comes down to.

  • We have asked.

  • I've asked a ton of and Nick and, you know, he he we marvel at how special he's been for us and will continue to be, um, they had good at bats.

  • John Romano.

  • Hey, Kevin, understanding that Blake has not gone deep into games all season, long and has had some struggles the third time through the order.

  • Still, he was throwing tonight better than we've seen him.

  • Other than maybe the wild card game.

  • How much does that make it a more difficult decision in your mind?

  • I mean, do you do you weigh a single night?

  • How he looks, vs What?

  • The procedure has been most of the season.

  • Yeah, I think we owe it.

  • Thio ourselves toe, bring it all together and try to make the best decision on similar to some other ones that we've made.

  • I've made this postseason their gut wrenching on you know, you feel for Blake.

  • Uh, the everything that we try to dio it's tried toe put our team in the best position to win, and I feel that that was That's the reason I made the decision on totally understand and respect any opinion off of that.

  • Blake, uh, could not have been better tonight.

  • I mean, the strikeouts, the pitch efficiency, the stuff, it was all really, really special.

  • He put it all together for us in a big way.

  • It was actually a very similar situation to game two, and you left him in to face bets and Seeger and he gave up a walk in a single.

  • Did that play into this decision at all?

  • No, it didn't.

  • I mean, we had a we had a 55 run lead going in.

  • It was, you know, two run homer by Taylor and then the next two guys get on base, uh, where a homework could tie it.

  • I mean, that's for I don't know who's to say which is the right one.

  • I know we had a one.

  • Nothing lead, And the thought was, What's the best way to secure one?

  • Nothing lead at that point, and I felt it was going to Nick Anderson.

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Kevin, I know you.

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Kevin Cash on decision to remove Blake Snell from Game 6 | 2020 World Series

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