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  • How am I gonna feel after it's over?

  • Um, I'm gonna be able to get up, get back into the huddle and just get on with the next play because, you know, the last time he was hit and he and he felt that kind of physical contact I mean, he was in the kind of excruciating pain that would make many people consider just walking away from the game and that that I can I can only imagine what that would feel like.

  • I've never been in that situation.

  • And quite honestly, I was much more.

  • You know, the guy who's trying to deliver pits two people instead of take hits, you know what I mean?

  • And I've never stood back there like a quarterback.

  • So I think that the mental part of the game, the mental part of this for him is really significant, because think about this, too.

  • Now, they're not just going up against any old team.

  • Okay, Number 99 from the Rams is one of those guys who will make quarterbacks really start playing mental gymnastics, gymnastics with themselves as far as how they play the position and how they physically react.

  • And Brandon Staley, that defensive coordinator at the Rams, is one of those people who has been very multiple in terms of the types of looks he has been giving people.

  • And it's not just 99.

  • It's not just Aaron Donald that you see on your screen.

  • Have you seen how much they've been?

  • Blitzen.

  • Jalen Ramsey Now that he plays a nickel position in their sub packages, and have you seen how Leonard Floyd has been rushing the passer?

  • Have you seen how Michael brokers a boot camp?

  • How all these guys have been playing?

  • This is a formidable first start opponent for a quarterback who is coming off of a devastating injury now, putting the whole, you know, the fortunes of a franchise on his back.

  • That's Ah, lot for anyone, but that's why they drafted him.

  • And that's why that game is so intriguing.

  • And that brings me to my second question perfectly, and Damien Woody is an offensive line minutes for you.

  • Do you consider it risky to have his first game be against that guy, Aaron Donald?

  • Well, it's always a risk when you're lining up playing in the National Football League, but I think you know.

  • The reason I like with Bryan Flores did is this Miami Dolphins team is on the arrow pointing up, and what I mean by that is their performance.

  • You know, they've been performing well up front of the officer line.

  • They've been performing well on offense.

  • So the one thing that you have to do and particularly talking about Aaron Donald, you gotta change the launch point.

  • You can't sit back there and think that, too, is just gonna drop back and just going to slice and dice is way against that Rams defense.

  • Because guess what the best playing football plays right in the middle of that offensive line.

  • You're gonna have to do some clever things offensively to give you your quarterback a chance, play action game, rolling them out, just doing some different things, eh?

  • So he doesn't have to see 99 because that's what 99 is gonna be.

  • He's going to show up and he's gonna be there all game long.

  • And, Nick, that brings me to my final point, which is, you know, Justin Herbert and Joe Burrow have been great, but they've been doing it with almost no pressure to win to a steps in and for a team could wind up being tied for first place.

  • If they win on Sunday.

  • What do you think of that idea?

  • The pressure that's on him to step in, expecting to win.

  • I think the pressure that's on him relative to other rookie quarterbacks is enormous.

  • But the pressure that's on him this week, relative to the pressure that I think he sees in his future like playoffs and Super Bowls there's nothing so I wouldn't be concerned about him from a pressure standpoint.

  • But I do think that this was an interesting move for a team that was pretty good but thinks that it could be great in the near future.

  • And that's the move that you make in that situation is you get this guy some experience.

  • The last time I remember something like this, where you had a quarterback that you thought was good and you went to a quarterback.

  • That was great was the Ravens when they went from Flacco, Super Bowl champion who was about an average quarterback and they went mid season to Lamar Jackson, who took that team and the subsequent seasons up to great.

  • So I think that the Dolphin should be really excited about their future and the potential of the potential growth.

  • That, too, will get this season and lead to them being a much better team in the in the coming years.

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How am I gonna feel after it's over?

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