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  • So Bill, your sports aficionado and your basketball historian.

  • And I know When LeBron James won his fourth championship and its fourth final's MVPs, he started to move on a lot of people's different lists.

  • Where does your current top handful of players of all time now stand?

  • Well, I've adjusted a little.

  • I have a mountain goat more because I think it's so hard to compare the guys against airs I still have.

  • Jordan is the best part I've ever seen, but I do think you can look at it generationally.

  • And you think like Russell's the best guy the 1st 25 years.

  • Karim's the best guy in the next 15 years.

  • M.

  • J is the best guy in the next 20 years, and then LeBron.

  • And if you think about it that way, each guy for each guy dominated their era.

  • I still feel like Jordan going 60 in the finals and just the peak that he hit where it just seemed like no matter who was on his team, who he was playing, he could beat anybody.

  • The last dance kind of cemented that, uh, but if LeBron's gonna play until he's 42 43.

  • I mean, Jalen, you couldn't even play until you were 33.

  • When did you retire on?

  • You always retired two years before the league retired You.

  • So let me go in 34.

  • But I was really done in, like, 31 Brady 0, 2007 sons when they had the suspensions Chip.

  • Hey, all right, here.

  • Still in play.

  • Little known fact Bill Simmons Mawr.

  • Reliable from 15 ft than Jalen Rose.

  • I've played with both of these human beings on If I needed one person to hit 1 15 footer, I'm giving it to Bill on the right side.

  • Baseline over anything.

  • Jalen Rose from 15 ft.

  • Now that's a I would say that all waxed.

  • I stand by now both e playing.

  • I love playing pick up basketball, both of you guys.

  • Jalen, no matter what kind of shape he was in, could still do the back down a dude and just keep going left hand right hand until he was next to the basket for a layup.

  • And you're like, Oh, yeah, this guy's 6 ft eight made up $40 million playing basketball things is what e.

  • The last time in M v P back to back regular season wise.

  • That left the team was LeBron James, and it's funny you brought up the conversation that we had when we looked at the Heat roster.

  • Yanis attempted coup.

  • Po is now entering that scenario.

  • In my opinion, if they don't meet expectations, I believe if the Milwaukee Bucks don't make it to the finals Andrew when the championship, he may end up elsewhere in particular Miami.

  • Do you think happens to Yonas as the time passes?

  • Well, we're gonna know right in the next month because he consign the Supermax, and if he's like, Hey, can we wait on that?

  • Can we wait a year?

  • Then he's leaving.

  • If he's staying, he's kind of Supermax.

  • I assume he's leaving, or at least keeping his options open, because the thing for me is Durant Torrez Achilles, which is probably the worst injury.

  • You can have a basketball player and still signed a Max deal a couple months later.

  • So Yannis, barring like an absolutely huge tragedy, no matter what happens to him next season, he's still getting the max.

  • You know, he's getting a lot of money and he can pick where he wants toe live.

  • And if he wants to go Dallas or Miami, no state taxes.

  • Get a little more from there.

  • If I were him, I would go Luca donkeys, Because I think Luca is gonna be the next guy.

  • Uh, to me, it's a no brainer.

  • I'm getting to Dallas.

  • I am hitching my my kite to Lucas right leg, much like Jacoby.

  • And I was joke, Jalen always.

  • Jalen always has a way of, like, who's on the rise?

  • I'm way Taylor.

  • You gotta catch away.

  • Yeah, I think John is is looking at Lucca like, Hey, man, if it's me and him were winning titles, we're not winning the title.

  • We're winning titles were winning 4 to 5 titles.

  • I think Luca's the next.

  • I don't know if you guys agree, but I think he has a chance to be one of the best six or seven players ever.

  • He's already the best 21 year old wherever, and you look at his stats and it's like if he can shoot 45% from 35 years from now.

  • This the guy who could be like 35 10 and 10 every night.

  • So if I'm honest.

  • I'm going there and I'm waiting.

  • Waiting.

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So Bill, your sports aficionado and your basketball historian.

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