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  • Well, it's finally happened.

  • Three million people have subscribe to my channel that I created just a little over three years ago.

  • As huge a number as that is, I consider all of you a part of my family here on YouTube.

  • If I took one second to say thanks to all of you individually, it would take me over 34 days to complete.

  • I'm not Mr Beast, and I wish I could do that.

  • But imagining all of you out there is quite into intimidating to be a little honest.

  • More people are currently subscribe to real life floor than people who live in Mongolia.

  • So if you're watching this video when you've been a subscriber for a while, please let me know down in the comments below, I'll be sticking around for a couple of days after this video gets released.

  • Reply to his many comments as possible, and I love to interact with as many of you guys as possible.

  • Thank you so much for giving my channel a chance.

  • I'm honored so much by all of you allowing this to be a reality, and I sincerely hope that I'll continue to make stuff for years to come that you all will still enjoy watching with all of that now being said, Let's get into the meat of the special commemorative video all of the Toyota Corolla facts that I've ever mentioned in all of my videos and plus a few more bonus ones.

  • I honestly still can't believe that you guys turn this thing into a meme on this channel.

  • But here we are.

  • Let's start off with the fact that the Toyota Corolla is the best selling vehicle in history, which is why I began using it as a unit of measurement in the first place.

  • Over 40 million Corollas have been sold across the world since Toyota introduced the model back in 1966 enough to give every single person living in Ukraine one.

  • On average, one Corolla is sold somewhere in the world, roughly every 27 to 37 seconds.

  • Now, an average 2018 model year Corolla weighs 1288 kg.

  • The heaviest production car ever created is the Mercedes Maybach s 600 Pullman guard, which weighs approximately the same as four Corollas changing gears over to animals.

  • Now a fully grown adult male saltwater crocodile weighs about one Corolla, and this is where they exist in the world.

  • So you know where to avoid getting eaten by one 4 to 2 million years ago, though, there existed a giant rat that also weighed about one Corolla, which might be worse than a crocodile if one were to break into your kitchen in the middle of the night.

  • If you want to be afraid of something that exists today, though, the Southern elephant seal still exists, and it's literally a seal that weighs about the same as an Asian elephants or for Corollas on a 1 to 1 fight against a Corolla.

  • I think it's pretty clear that the elephants deal has the upper hand.

  • But since there's 40 million Corollas out there in the world and not even one million seals, if you put them all in the same place, it might be mawr of uneven fight.

  • Blue whales, though, are way way bigger, the biggest animals to ever exist in all of Earth's history.

  • In fact, they can weigh up to roughly 150 five Corollas, more than every single person who lives on the Falkland Islands combined.

  • The T.

  • Rex Onley weighed 16 Corollas, which I guess is still pretty scary since it could eat you on land.

  • But the largest land animal ever was the appropriately named Titanic sort, which actually wasn't so titanic because it only weighed about 54 Corollas.

  • Blue whales are almost three times heavier than that, and you could go see one today.

  • As big and scary as animals are, we humans have built way heavier things.

  • The heaviest airplane, the Antonov A N 2 to 5, weighs 497.

  • Carlos and it actually you know, flies the palace of the Parliament in Romania, across crazy building built in Bucharest.

  • Toe honor.

  • Longtime dictator Nicolae Ceausescu's insanity and which happens to be the heaviest building ever constructed by humanity, weighs in at three million 182 0 Corollas.

  • The Saturn five rocket, which first carried humans to the moon during the Apollo missions, weighed 2306 Corollas.

  • And it's in space where the measurements of things begin to get pretty wacky.

  • Neutron stars are unbelievably dense balls that are basically the leftover corpses of dead stars.

  • To understand how dense they are, a single thimble full of neutron star material weighs the same as 70 million Corollas farm or than the number of Corollas ever produced.

  • This also happens to be about the equivalent weight of Mount Everest crushed down into the size of a thimble.

  • However, the heaviest known object in the universe happens to be a black hole with the creative scientific name of S five 0014 plus 81.

  • This thing is believed away about 40 billion suns, which is about the same as one art illion 566 a pillion 68 6 trillion 977 quintillion 897 quadrillion 877 trillion 185,233,126,000 and 961 Corollas.

  • Well, that just about sums up every Toyota Corolla fact that I've ever covered.

  • You could actually watch me review a Toyota Corolla in real life with my friend J.

  • T.

  • From second thought on our new car show.

  • Next, we've reviewed ah lot of other cars, too, and I'm sure that you're probably just dying to see what we're like in person.

  • So We've partnered with other creators, like C.

  • G.

  • P.

  • Gray Kurtz, Kazakh and went over productions along with several others, to bring you a new streaming video website that we're calling Nebula.

  • While YouTube is great, the algorithm prefers videos that are easy to click on watch and share because, well, that's what makes me to money.

  • When we want to make things that are different or try something new, the algorithm get scared and it buries those videos.

  • YouTube is designed to keep us in check, and that's why we've created Nebula, a streaming video platform that we actually control so we can try out new ideas like our car show.

  • There's more unique projects that are coming to nebula in the future from myself, Kurtz, Kazakh, Mike Boyd, riel engineering and so many more that I can't even talk about it right now.

  • The service only cost five bucks a month, and besides service fees, that money goes to support education creators and funds new future original content.

  • But you can check it out today for free with a seven day free trial, and you can watch on either the Web or our iPhone app.

  • I'd love to hear some feedback from you guys on what we're creating.

  • So head over tow.

  • Watch nebula dot com and get a seven day free trial by clicking the link in the description.

  • Thank you so much to all three million of you.

  • I'm honored to continue creating these videos for you all and hope to keep it up for many more years to come.

  • Thank you for watching.

Well, it's finally happened.

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