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  • superstar Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence has tested positive for the coronavirus.

  • Lawrence will miss this Saturday's game against Boston College.

  • He is isolating with mild symptoms.

  • He released a statement on Twitter.

  • Here's what he said.

  • Quote.

  • I have tested positive for Cove in 19.

  • My symptoms have been relatively mild.

  • While I'm following the protocol from Clemson and the A C.

  • C.

  • The only thing that hurts is missing an opportunity to be with my teammates this weekend and play the game I love.

  • I hate that I can't be there, but I'll be watching from isolation and pulling for our guys while I wait for the opportunity to rejoin the team.

  • God bless and go Tiger.

  • So that is the latest from him.

  • Let me bring in the latest from my crew here.

  • And here's what we have covering this this morning.

  • Heather Denish, Paul Finebaum, David Pollack are standing by Heather.

  • What is the very latest from you?

  • While Trevor Lawrence began his 10 day isolation on Thursday, I guess the question is, when did his symptoms start?

  • Because that's when the clock really starts ticking and determines when he can return.

  • Much like in the big 10 Trevor Lawrence would have to go through cardiac testing and clear that.

  • Plus, he also has to be symptom free and fever free for 24 hours now.

  • Davos Sweeney said yesterday that contact tracing, at least as of last night, wasn't a problem within the team.

  • Trevor Lawrence doesn't live with any other teammates and the quarterbacks in Clemson's program, um, they are always at least 6 ft apart.

  • So he said that shouldn't be a problem.

  • Clemson tests regularly on Fridays, so we should know more later today about the actual scope of this.

  • Okay, and can we go back quickly to the part about the 10 days?

  • Because yesterday you and I were talking on this program about how a player in the Big 10 testing positive will be out for a minimum of 21 days.

  • What is the minimum for lack of asking it, um, or direct way?

  • How quickly, if everything went perfectly, could Trevor Lawrence be back?

  • He could be back for the Notre Dame game if everything works out perfectly.

  • Unlike the Big 10 which has a return to play progression that we talked about, there is not such a mandate in the a C.

  • C.

  • So the question is, do Clemson's doctors and medical staff clear Trevor Lawrence to play after a 10 day isolation and again greenie that starts at the onset of symptoms?

  • Which, as of right this second, we don't know when that clock started ticking.

  • So, to be clear, they play.

  • BC this weekend.

  • The Notre Dame game is the following weekend.

  • So we are that 10 days is takes us almost directly up to that game.

  • So David Pollock let me then come to you.

  • They play Boston College this weekend.

  • Is there any question in your mind they beat BC without Trevor Lawrence?

  • No, that BBC without Trevor Lawrence.

  • Um, but Notre Dame is a totally different animal.

  • You know what the good thing about this is for Clemson is you recruit five stars like it's going out of style and you went from the Shawn Watson to Trevor Lawrence.

  • And next is D J.

  • Kooyonga.

  • Layla.

  • I mean, he's the next guys 6 ft 46 ft 5 240 £50 by the way.

  • Ridiculous athletes.

  • So I think the game plan would change.

  • It would look different.

  • He's he's gonna be a tank.

  • He's going to run the football more.

  • You'll depend more on Travis et en, but I don't have any doubt that they can still beat Boston College, Notre Dame and in a week and a couple of days or a week and a day is is a little different story, though, clearly, and that's the one that people will have circled.

  • And so Paul Finebaum, I come to you with that.

  • If Clemson lose is a tough game against Notre Dame without Trevor Lawrence, in your opinion, how should the college football playoff Committee evaluate that?

  • Well, they would have to look at what the totality of the game.

  • But the most important thing.

  • Greeny won't be that game, and it's already going to be the biggest game of the year in college football.

  • Now it's gone Thio epic proportions.

  • But it's what happens after that and and the good news for Trevor Lawrence and Clemson.

  • They may very well get Notre Dame again in the championship game.

  • Yes, Notre Dame is in the A C C.

  • This one year Onley.

  • So should that happen, and they meet Notre Dame again at the end of the season, and win that game.

  • I don't think there's any doubt whatsoever.

  • They get into the playoffs.

  • So, uh, nobody wants this.

  • Nobody wants toe have bad news.

  • But this would be the best time and has been probably the best time for Clemson to get this news because they still have a pretty good path ahead.

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superstar Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence has tested positive for the coronavirus.

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