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  • There's one thing that stuns me in the world we're in today.

  • That I do not understand, which is what has always stood in politics is that when things happened during Ah President's term and you saw this firsthand, that president is accountable, that it's just it's on your watch.

  • So you're accountable and good things happen.

  • Great.

  • You you benefit.

  • Some bad things happen.

  • You take the hit.

  • That is the way it has always been in American politics.

  • And now we're in this strange moment where I watch these ads.

  • These ads for Trump and I watch people campaigning for Trump and and they're running as if he's an outsider who's trying to replace President Biden on eso all.

  • And it's into the degree that it's almost comical.

  • They'll say, Elect Trump and we'll stop all of this negativity and this violence and we'll stop.

  • You know this this the horrors of the pandemic and will stop if you don't.

  • You hate what's been happening the last couple of years.

  • What's all gonna end if we could give Trump a chance?

  • And I think What?

  • What are you talking about?

  • He's the incumbent thing is insanity.

  • Well, this is madness.

  • It makes me think of you know that the tagline when my husband was president was Thanks, Obama e you remember that Anything?

  • Anything that happened wrong in the world, it was.

  • Thanks, Obama.

  • You know, my dog died.

  • Thanks, Obama e So do you ever use that on him around the house?

  • Oh, hey, hey.

  • Left the mayonnaise out all night and you're like, Thanks, Obama eso perfect.

There's one thing that stuns me in the world we're in today.

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