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  • this episode of Death Battle is brought to you by a joint campaign with a TNT five G and Samsung.

  • That's right.

  • Boom stick.

  • Rusty is joining forces with 18 t five g n Samsung to kick off an extra special R TX at home event.

  • Seriously, this is super cool.

  • We're putting together a ruby outdoor mural, and you can add art to it with the mark augmented reality F.

  • Just download the mark app and start creating your own Ruby art room.

  • September 5th through the seventh, art designs will be projected onto the mural wall.

  • You could see yours get the spotlight.

  • If you're on the A, T and T five G network at home, you can access plus mode through the mark app for even higher quality images and the new Samsung Galaxy Note.

  • 20 Ultra five G has some awesome new features.

  • Cloud gaming, virtually no leg and the S pen.

  • This thing has a gyroscope in it for remote control.

  • These people think of everything.

  • 18 g five g requires compatible plan and coverage, not in all areas.

  • Head to 18 t dot com slash galaxy Note.

  • 20 ultra five g To learn how you can get the Samsung Galaxy.

  • Note.

  • 25 g for free or the Galaxy.

  • Note.

  • 20 Ultra five g for 299 99 for a limited time and we'll see you at our TX at home this September to check out what you add to the mural.

  • It's gonna be a blast.

  • Okay, The year was 1985 the multi verse was in crisis.

  • Infinite Earths were on the brink of total annihilation, but one man could save the day by running really, really, really fast.

  • The flesh, uh, to save everything and everyone.

  • Barry Allen sacrificed his life, but the flesh wasn't all gone.

  • Very had a sidekick, you might say a prude.

  • Iggy Protege, Wally West.

  • Despite the impressive amount of coincidences Barry needed to gain his speed, many others have possessed the powers of The Scarlet Speedster.

  • But for Wally, his own coincidence is unparalleled.

  • Let's see, President of the Flash Fan Club.

  • Never, You know, flashes.

  • Girlfriend who introduced him, visited while Flash had a chemical lab set up exactly like it was when he got his powers.

  • Then, just like Barry, while he got struck by lightning that knocked him into the chemicals and boom flash powers.

  • I wouldn't say this kid was super lucky, but he did get struck by lightning.

  • The true reason.

  • Because Speed force a dimension of infinite kinetic energy, which all flashes draw their power from.

  • And the D.

  • C writer's favorite scapegoat for red guns with his newfound ability.

  • While he joined Barry's crime fighting heroics as Kid Flash, strong of head and light of heart, he was more than a sidekick.

  • He was a surrogate son.

  • So when Barry went poof, naturally while he stepped up to be the next Crimson comet himself a Z the Flash stop doing that.

  • While he obviously possesses incredible speed, easily surpassing that of light, he can run nonstop for multiple days.

  • Forget running.

  • This guy looks at reality and spits in its face before giving it a swirly Wally can manipulate each and every one of his molecules to, for instance, survived the inside of a black hole.

  • Barry even once regenerated from a cloud of gas.

  • Which reminds me I haven't seen my black hole generator all day.

  • Do you know where it is?

  • Uh oh, yeah, I gave it to the new robot guy.

  • He seems sad.

  • So I'm not holding a weapon that can destroy the world.

  • Always cheers me right up.

  • Oh, no.

  • We'll be back in a couple days to cover Archie Sonic if we survive.

  • Have a good time, you robotic rascal.

this episode of Death Battle is brought to you by a joint campaign with a TNT five G and Samsung.

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Wally West FLASHES past Death Battle!

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