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  • - The three things that you can do to close the wealth gap

  • and fight for wealth justice:

  • vote, donate, intersectionality.

  • When we vote, we are electing people

  • who will enact fiscal policy.

  • Fiscal policy is the way that money gets allocated

  • to certain things in our local, state, and federal budgets.

  • We should donate to organizations like BlackFem

  • because they tend to be typically underfunded

  • and they're doing the wealth justice work

  • that is going to close the wealth gap

  • for marginalized populations.

  • And finally, and I think most importantly

  • because this is something that we can hold ourselves

  • accountable to every day,

  • we have to think about wealth inequality

  • from an intersectional lens across race and gender.

  • For every dollar a single Black man owns

  • a Black woman only owns 42 cents.

  • So when we only tend to couch the idea

  • behind wealth inequality in just one dimension,

  • race, gender, or class,

  • we actually are rendering Black women's inequality

  • that they experience from a wealth perspective invisible.

  • So the issues that show up in our society

  • and the inequalities that we're struggling against

  • have to be met with solutions that are aligned

  • with the intersectionality of our identities, our past,

  • and what we ultimately want to see

  • to be able to create change.

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What Is Wealth Justice And Why Does It Matter? // Presented by Hyundai

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/31
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