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  • e get really bummed when people change photos a lot and edit them.

  • It's like looking up Mother Nature and being like, Oh, that's not good enough.

  • Let me make you better.

  • Yeah, we're in Joshua Tree National Park and it's pretty incredible seeing the Joshua trees.

  • They don't just grow everywhere.

  • They're kind of, you know, and Lower Southwest, part of the United States E.

  • This looks like Dr Seuss everywhere way pull up in the big blue truck, we pulled a massive camera on the back.

  • People don't even really know what kind of questions to ask.

  • Do you see something that that I don't see?

  • We like these wet plate photography, and that's little more complicated.

  • The Web plate process is responsible for creating the first national parks in the 18 hundreds.

  • You know, the guys they would go out unlike these exploratory missions, and they'd make these images of the parks, and then they had worked their way back to the East Coast.

  • People had never seen what was out in the West, and I kind of just wanted to walk in their footsteps if I could or just feel a little bit of what they did.

  • So that's what really drew me.

  • Okay, drop man.

  • When you gotta work to make a picture, you gotta really work.

  • You make your own film.

  • We cut the glass plates, we make the cameras.

  • We made every piece in the truck.

  • I made everything with my own hands.

  • It's pretty rad.

  • Our process takes all day to make a single image.

  • So it forces us to sit there and look at the environment.

  • I like how that branches going over that one and see how the lights changing and really just, like, soak it in.

  • I just look for things that inspire me like the trees.

  • To me, they didn't look like landscape grand things.

  • They had their own individual personality.

  • So just isolating some of them and having some of them blurry, kind of like a portrait.

  • 12 three instead of just drive by.

  • I call it fast food photography.

  • You're just shooting whatever.

  • And then you're gone.

  • I think we got reason.

  • I really fell in love with this process is because when we make that plate and we develop it, that's the only one of those that exists in the idea of having one, especially in this day and age.

  • It's really neat to me.

e get really bummed when people change photos a lot and edit them.

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Why Work So Hard To Make A Picture?

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