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  • Listen, let's try and help people here, I'm told JB.

  • I'm told word on the street is that you have a solution for a way that restaurants can succeed during coronavirus, that restaurants could do a better business during the quarantine.

  • Tell us what it is.

  • Corner.

  • This is what it is.

  • All the businesses out there that we are normally that we frequent.

  • They have cut down their capacities because of the coronavirus.

  • They don't want people more than 6 ft from each other.

  • So here's what you do, Conan.

  • This the smartest thing ever.

  • Now, instead of your your restaurant, your capacities to 50 right?

  • You can't do to 50 because of the Corona.

  • You need 6 ft apart and you have less tables.

  • So here's my my solutions.

  • All that is lap seats.

  • It's called lap seat lap seating.

  • So what it is is if you got a people right, you all been tested, you all clean.

  • Everything is good with you.

  • You sit on, each other's lacks so the whole family can stack up.

  • You don't get you got your husband sitting down.

  • You got a wife sitting on the husband's lap.

  • You got the son sitting on the mama's lap and daughter sitting on the sun's lap See like it's like a people totem pole.

  • You're all stacked up.

  • That way you get more of a capacity.

  • Now, don't get a little messy when they break spaghetti to your table.

  • What?

  • Stack up instead of outward, you stack upward, you can reach your capacity, and you can keep going with your normal revenue.

  • That you're used to acquiring it is best movie this Go to the movie.

  • Did you see that?

  • Your lady sit in your lap C and two chairs down.

  • Somebody else got there lady on their lap and it's more cozy.

  • You know you can.

  • You can sit there and get frisky sometimes in the movie.

  • But we're not gonna have any of that.

  • Tell you you're seeing a lot of that in my legs.

  • Something like that.

  • Something gonna happen I'm gonna happen, is gonna get frisky up in that bad boy.

  • I saw this issue.

  • You stand up alright, you stack up, we're gonna get the word out on stacking up.

  • You've got to stay.

  • Then you gotta find your spirit and you gotta lap seizing.

Listen, let's try and help people here, I'm told JB.

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JB Smoove’s Advice For Struggling Restaurants - CONAN on TBS

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