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  • political bubbles.

  • E do feel like I live in a political bubble that's become safer to retreat into our own bubble.

  • You're probably familiar with the term surrounded by people who share the same political outlook, especially our social media fields.

  • But what if you're the odd one out?

  • He's there an escape?

  • I definitely I'm a minority in terms of political views here.

  • People started finding my ticket talk for these teams.

  • Actually, yes, A.

  • Oh, California check.

  • E.

  • Just make a tick.

  • Talk about it, E.

  • I did.

  • That's a fairly safe way of coping with it.

  • Yeah, this is Paul.

  • He's a liberal 15 year old living in South Carolina.

  • He's, of course, too young to vote, but that's not stopping him from sharing his opinions.

  • South Carolina is majority conservative, of course, and generally speaking, it's no different where I live.

  • I interact with Trump supporters on a daily basis.

  • Give it thank news, thinking now when you're stuck here is just something you have to deal with, and it's something you have to innovate.

  • Excuse me, Do you know how to get Thio other?

  • So now, with 130,000 followers, I get d M's from kids in my school on the daily.

  • If I'm ever very frustrated about a conversation, I had Trump Supporter Pro Life, uh, evolution denier Christian fundamentalists.

  • I don't yell at them.

  • I don't call them mean names or I just make a tick.

  • Talk about it that way.

  • Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, Caylee finds herself in a liberal bubble.

  • A lot of people who are right leaning tend to not vocalize their views as much because it's not the popular opinion in the area that we live in in San Diego.

  • As a conservative, gun owning trump supporter in California, Caylee has used tic tac toe, learn more about politics and express her own political views.

  • You know you got everybody looking swept when you when you start talking about politics and you don't have the popular opinion, there is going to be people who disagree with you.

  • People would say that they were going to find me and raped me.

  • They hope I was raped.

  • And then they said, they're gonna find where I live.

  • People found out where I worked and it got brought into my workplace, and it was a lot So she went back and looked at some of her earlier tick talks and decided to change her tone to myself on the other side shoes.

  • And if I were watching that, I wouldn't wanna talk with that person either.

  • I started making videos that were saying what I believed, and then having conversations with people in the comments found that there was a lot more unity and more of an understanding and kind of bridged a gap, learn things that we didn't know about, certain topics that we were talking about, whether it was like gun control or immigration.

  • Pro life versus pro choice.

  • Caylee's also met people on tick tock who share her beliefs and live in her area, and now they spend their weekends together.

  • Paul's made friends on the other side of the aisle to, but he is worried about going back to school once coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

  • Right now, I can talk the talk right.

  • I'm hiding behind a screen.

  • I'm safe and sound within the confines of my hope.

  • It's going to get a little more difficult running into people who directly disagree with me on a daily basis.

  • Laws in California that I think you're stupid.

  • Part one.

  • As for Caylee, while she's making do in California, she's hoping to move to Nebraska next year.

  • People that I have met in Nebraska, they're a lot more open minded and willing and open to having dialogue rather than seeing you for being a Republican or a Democrat, or whatever else may be on the political spectrum.

political bubbles.

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US election: 'Help! Everyone around me disagrees with my politics' - BBC News

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