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  • these are beyond being noodles.

  • Word young comes from this action, their staple of Sheehan, a city in northwestern China.

  • And it also happens to be the most complicated Chinese character in the world.

  • China is noodle heaven, wheat noodles, rice noodles thin, thick.

  • The list of options is endless.

  • This Siri's is all about.

  • Noodles will be featuring 10 different kinds of noodles across China and show you how they're made and how they're served.

  • Mama said she and question people out.

  • Sheehan has been making noodles for over 1000 years.

  • It was the starting point of the Silk Road and historically known for growing wheat way.

  • You know, we just don't do it to me and deeply all you are mere sweat is happy.

  • Me.

  • Oh, there are over two dozen types of noodles and she and alone.

  • But Pyongyang noodles are the most popular.

  • Do you want me a lot of bad showman froth?

  • Just a, uh, Ugo, Uh, first year 2010 a make you, uh, you know about LA Bash Russia E Hello.

  • What?

  • Your phone booth.

  • Then you have a mayor that e o.

  • The noodles are made fresh every day.

  • The dough is simple.

  • Just flour, salt and water mixed together.

  • But it's the way they need the dough that gives the noodles.

  • They're unique.

  • Stretch.

  • Yeah.

  • Hey, you Booth.

  • They let the dough rest divided and brush the pieces with oil.

  • What?

  • You have the thio?

  • Sure.

  • Uh, water thio.

  • Uh, A This is dull hall.

  • He's one mason because of Kobe.

  • 19.

  • He left his job and came back home to work at the restaurant where he's learning how to pool noodles with his dad Making the dough elastic is the most important part for me on your car.

  • You follow me on who, what with all your car.

  • But if the texture is right, you can go from this to this thing.

  • So what should a good beyond noodle tastes like?

  • Kind of like a woman e uh, a strong.

  • Then the toppings are added.

  • Uh huh.

  • Yeah, Well, welcome.

  • Can you tell the show what you go?

  • Lawsuit?

  • Tha your Bozella target usual.

  • Trying to dig trash what you do and how the Big Papa letter take a shorter me bill from the head of the booth.

  • Two decades later, this family owned noodle shop is still going strong with mother, father and son all working together.

  • Uh, Bakala, uh, you can t o uh, your shop.

  • Uh, you remember, uh, and her son hopes to keep things going.

  • Where?

  • Yeah, in the next episode will stay in the north and learn about another noodle dish called mall or dual, which means cat ears and Chinese.

  • They're called that because they look like, well, cat ears.

  • Stay tuned.

these are beyond being noodles.

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Authentic Hand-Ripped Noodles in Xi’an - Eat China (S2E2)

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/30
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