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  • This is a PP boy and it's a popular nickname from China.

  • It's made of Lucia, Ah, purple clay and it's called pp boy, because when you pour hot water over its hit, it starts to pee.

  • Oh, the PP boy is what's called a T pet.

  • The touch on is a talent champion thing today.

  • Uh, whether hauling thing Bandiera Huang is a t pet artist.

  • Her hometown eating is famous for its teapots made from a local cle called Sha gonna happen Me Oh, so you're worshiping in t gonna make a dumb.

  • In fact, I'm going to the show on a patio Had one hell of a show.

  • Even socio The, uh Yuh has it in my feet and there are many types of tea pets which your video may Catriona would have, uh, she go Ponsi Hannah equals e o me, Tom Bada.

  • But the most popular T pet of all is the PP boy.

  • Shang Kwan Sanya Shahana.

  • Touch on your Syrian shoes equals touch.

  • You negotiate a magic uh, joining that Ballymena Johanna Susannah Sanyoto Because of the way it reacts to hot water, some researchers believe the pp boy could be the first thermometer known to mankind.

  • So I wanted to know what is the science behind it?

  • E called up my friend Alex on.

  • We tried to make our own PP boy, using glass beakers and flasks to see how that hot water reaction works.

  • This is gonna be the PP boy.

  • A big head, Okay, on a very a small hole in comparison to the head.

  • That's important thing.

  • Alex is going to use this flask to show how thermodynamics drives what's happening inside a PP boy.

  • What we're going to dio is we're going to run exactly the same procedure that we run on a PP boy.

  • Now just say you you can see the water level a bit better than we're gonna add some of this lovely pink food color into it.

  • The first step we need to do, we need to get the air inside this very, very hot so that it expands way cool it down the air inside will begin to contract.

  • As it shrinks, the pressure will get lower, but the air pressure outside stays the same.

  • So what's gonna happen is actually the air outside the above US will actually push the water inside you can see the water is being pushed up.

  • Now, the next step is how you get the water out.

  • So what we're gonna do is we're gonna pour some boiling water back onto the head of the P people.

  • This'll cause the gas inside that is now shrunk to expand again.

  • And it's gonna push out all of that water on.

  • It's gonna appear something like a PP boy.

  • Probably because the whole isn't quite a small Comparatively, we're not gonna get a big jet.

  • You should see a similar result.

  • Let's give us a good way.

  • Got how it goes.

  • Keep going.

  • Yeah.

  • Now you can see it's peering out.

  • Yeah, so interesting.

  • The science behind this, the expansion on, then contraction and then expansion Contraction off air is essentially the same physics behind a steam engine.

  • It's the expansion that pushes the piston out.

  • And it's a contraction that pulls a pistol in, just like we're pulling water in on pushing it back out.

  • That's exactly how it steam engine would work.

  • Just like exactly So that makes you think this could be used like involvement as a very crude thermometer.

  • Let's give it a try.

  • Let's see the water's hot.

  • There he goes.

  • Definitely hot enough.

  • Could it be used as an accurate the moment?

  • Er, not without a lot of extra physics and a lot of extra mathematics.

  • So it's just a fun thing.

  • Yeah, I think the novelty value.

  • Well, cool.

  • Cheers.

  • So there you go.

  • Is the P B boy the oldest thermometer in the world?

  • Probably not, but it sure adds a lot of fun to tee time the oh.

This is a PP boy and it's a popular nickname from China.

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How the Chinese ‘Pee-Pee Boy’ Thermometer Works

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/10/30
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