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  • Bryce cake is this thing that you came and describe?

  • Mhm.

  • If you can imagine a rice base brownie come but fluffy and not hard.

  • Kind of like bread.

  • Kind of not like bread.

  • Kind of like cake, but kind of not like cake.

  • Uh, but it's all delicious.

  • Hi, my name is palling.

  • I'm the owner of Hang On.

  • It's a tofu slash rice cake shop here in Chinatown, New York Started in 1933.

  • Chewy, gooey and fluffy all at once.

  • Thes sweet rice cakes are popular snack across southern China, often eaten as a dessert or afternoon pick me up, and Paul Eng's family has been making them for over 80 years.

  • It's called back Goal in Cantonese are managed by Don't Go.

  • The first part of making rice cake is to have rice and so price right, because you need to soak the rice too soft enough to grind.

  • You can't just grind straight dry rice powder or else either burn or toast way, so killed.

  • Then we grind it in a wet grinder, meaning that it's grinding with water.

  • Running into the grinder on, and what comes out is basically a rice pace.

  • We had sugar, two rice paste to make it sweet.

  • Your standard rice cakes would be the white in the brown, so I expanded on it by doing the green tea and ginger flavor.

  • Okay, if you will, you have distinct followers of those cakes.

  • People were like brown rice cake did not like white rice cake.

  • People like right rights kids.

  • They're not like brown rice cake.

  • White rice cake is E space SA implemented.

  • Product has a east zing to it, and that's what makes it rise and fluffy.

  • The brown rice kick is not E space is more almost a cake.

  • Uh, that stuff with all ingredients mixed up, gets placed into a steam oven, which we esteem for roughly half of what comes out is these fluffy, uh, rice cakes.

  • Four years ago, when my father made the rice cake, he had a giant walk.

  • Okay, that was constantly boiling water.

  • And it was really, really excruciating hot because the steam was constantly going, especially in the summertime.

  • But in those days we only made two flavors white and brown.

  • But my brother's been ableto bring it up to the 21st century, and at the same time.

  • It's appealing to the younger generation and the hips.

  • The generation e did a lot of things over time over my life.

  • I've studied architecture.

  • ER became a musician.

  • I want to know where advertising agencies, where I design and art direction.

  • I was jumping around from professional profession because I was always wanting to reinvent myself.

  • This is the biggest challenge of my life.

  • My father, when I was growing up, he would always drop information cooking information for me.

  • That sort of sunk in, and I realized that he had taught me all the skills necessary for cooking.

  • But they have none of the science.

  • Not they would say way.

  • Use a cup of this.

  • And I'm like, Whoa, what was the cup in?

  • Eight ounces and they would say, No, it was a cup and I was like, What cup was It was that coffee cup that we kept on the side, so you know, they never had a measurement.

  • What I did was I took their basic recipe and then I compared it to YouTube.

  • Videos of the process is still our recipe, but I needed the science of but underpinned everything and to me The legacy is not the recipes.

  • The legacy is.

  • My grandfather wanted to do this business.

  • It was out of necessity.

  • He had a family of feet in China.

  • My father got into the business the same way.

  • The same with my brothers in the same with me.

  • It seemed like that was the actual legacy, had a good family business and had a family to support.

  • We're doing that.

  • That's how I came back into doing this.

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Bryce cake is this thing that you came and describe?

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Rediscovering an 80-Year-Old Family Recipe for Rice Cake

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